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Originally posted by #StreetFocus
Small towns still get hit lol. I live in a town of 100. Had my $15,000 snowmobile, and brother in law's $14,000 snowmobile stolen from inside a locked shed,  behind an 8' tall fence with double locked gate. Small towns ain't immune from thefts lol.

Very true and when I had my crossfire I made sure it was hard to steal (kept it on the back of my truck backed up to a wall). Sleds always seem like a hot ticket item for thieves.

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Wow reading this makes me like my small town. Left my advans stacked on my driveway for a week no issues

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Newbies / Newbie introduction
« on: December 30, 2017, 12:25 AM »
Welcome to tti. If your looking for parts or help with your subi I definitely recommend OddManOut in Regina. If your looking for closer options you can check out exceed in Saskatoon.

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Newbies / Newbie Intro
« on: December 29, 2017, 04:12 PM »
Great looking legacy. Welcome to tti

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Journals / How to accidentally build a race car
« on: December 29, 2017, 10:37 AM »
Thanks everyone for all the comments and support. Itís still a work in progress so Iím going to try keep this updated as best I can

As for current plans with the car I started on some home built aero to block off un needed holes in the front. I hope to have a front splitter and rear diffuser built for it over winter. If budget allows I would like to get a large 2d airfoil for the rear

My original plans for a completely home built front splitter will now include a voltex undertray. I was lucky enough to get a deal on this one as it has a small crack on the one back edge (wonít have any effect on its performance) my original plan was for a splitter with a 12Ē leading edge

But Iím probably going to bring it back to 6-8Ē leading edge now. The effect should still be there.
Some other plans for the car include finishing the ducting to the rads. moving the oil coolers to the centre opening to get them mounted slightly higher since they currently hang very low with poor air evacuation into the wheel well. The hope will be to have all rads stacked in the middle with ducting in to them and out through the hood. Other plans will be to replace the front fenders or modify them for better aero. Other then that there is lots of work to do in the way of making things proper. Some rewireing and further trimming to the dash. The cage still needs paint (and to be sanded free of rust now). Will also be further gutting weight from the car

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Journals / How to accidentally build a race car
« on: December 29, 2017, 09:03 AM »

A short video that sums up my last lap at the track lol

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Journals / How to accidentally build a race car
« on: December 28, 2017, 07:28 PM »
Originally posted by Magner
Neat build, looks like decent car for SM class.

Fellow autocrosser here with the WSCC, curious where you are auto-crossing the car, last I heard 3 Flags was the last place you could auto-x in Sk. Judging by the pics is that Castrol park in Edmonton?

I do one event at Saskatoon every year. Itís just a small private track day that Iíve gone to the past 3-4 years now. We normally go to Gimli now as itís closer for us then Edmonton for track time (and more affordable +good people out there)

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Journals / How to accidentally build a race car
« on: December 28, 2017, 01:02 PM »
The fall of 2016 I made a game plan of pulling the motor to look the bearings over after all my issues with oil pumps throughout the year. Other plans included the addition of a roll cage and upgrading the brakes/ tires.
During the winter the motor came out. To my surprise it looked pretty good

The damage to the oil pumps definitely didnít have the effect on the bearings I thought they would have. During the disassemble the culprit was found. My thermostat to the oil cooler would occasionally jam shut and not allow oil to the cooler. The thermostat was switched out for a tomie thermostat eliminator. A oil temp gauge was also added at this time to keep an eye on temps to avoid further issues with oil temps. The motor got a quick refresh at odd man out performance in Regina sk well I continued to strip the shell inside


Upgrades to the brakes and suspension geometry also got made at this time via white lines roll centre kit, a set of hawk DTC 70 pads and Motul brake fluid and as lines

The rear diff also got some poly mounts and a press in aluminum rear mount

Once the motor was back i got the car running and loaded up to go get a roll cage put in

Floor boxes got cut on a plasma table and bent to shape to add strength

All the cage work was done by dmg fab. We then added some hood pins and built a front crash beam with a tow point
At this point it was a hail marry of late nights and last minute to get the car assembled and ready in time for the last time attack event of the year at GMP (gimli)

The 400tw tires got switch out for a new set of 140tw zestinoís and the dash got cut up to fit back in around the cage.
The car came together last minute. And with 10km on the fresh motor and lots of loss ends there was no time like the present to go race

Off the trailer the car was less then impressive. Times were in the 1:10-1:09 range. The battle had just begun for me after the first sessions. List of issues was huge. The car was fuel cutting. The brake lights were strobeing. The alignment was junk and the car was darting under braking (lots of toe out). It was time to get to work. Found that my pin from the brake peddle to the master cylinder had come lose. Causing the peddle to fall slightly triggering the brake light switch. This I was hoping was going to solve the fuel cut issue since the Evo X ecu is programmed to not allow brake boosting. The next session I went out. The brakes felt better and I got a slightly better grasp on the car. Unfortunately the fuel cut was still there but the brake light issue was solved (small win). The fuel cut remained but over the next 2 sessions the time started to fall. Things where looking up and I had just ran a 1:07.4(pb) then on the next lap on turn 1 entry (high speed sweeper) it all went down hill.

I had spun the car out due to the rain that morning I was now wet... and with my choice to remove the wipers and heater my windshield steamed up and I had to pit. Upon inspection the car had lots of front camber (-6ish) on entry of the turn the top bolts of my spindle slipped on the coilover and the car picked up 4 degrees of camber witch sent it off track. I quickly went to fixing it and found my boost leak that had been avoiding me all day. Unfortunately I missed the last session fixing so the best of a 1:07.4 will have to keep me content over winter

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Journals / How to accidentally build a race car
« on: December 28, 2017, 01:02 PM »
At this time I kept removing as much weight as I could. Crash beams and anything else deemed unnecessary got tossed. A couple sets of wider wheels got acquired

With the plan of keeping a set of street tires and a set of track tires (never have I had both to this day)

The car was now back in action and and I was building up anticipation for a auto cross event that was coming up. It would be my first time getting the build to a track.the car came together last minute as I was battling with oil pump failures throughout the year
It all came together last minute but I had gotten the evo to a track. The car wasnít set up great and it was on 400tw street tires but I was ecstatic
It surprisingly did very well for my lack of seat time with it
This was the last event I got the car too in 2016... it also blew up another oil pump when I was unloading it off the trailer after I got it back home (#3 for the year)

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Journals / How to accidentally build a race car
« on: December 28, 2017, 01:02 PM »
Now I finally got to drive the car again. This was a long time coming. I slowly worked the bugs out and e tuned and sent away logs and it kept getting better

Ya it was quite the sleeper looking like every other noisy stock height ďlancerĒ. But now that I got to drive it i quickly realized how over powered the car was for the stock suspension. At this point the car was now switched from the planned 91 oct to husky 94 and running 28psi of boost. The need for a coilover set up was great.

I went with a set of fortune auto 510s. Overall these have been great. With 12k swift springs front and rear I worried about ride quality but the valveing in these eats the bumps and keeps the car planted

I finally got the car to a point that I was taking it out and enjoying it

It was all going great. I had my higher then planed hp street car. Then. Again. I broke it.
This time a shift fork decided it didnít like being inside

This is the time that I decided to start making the car from a street car to race car. It was simply becoming to fast to enjoy on the street. It had lost the stomp and go fun and the car was making well into the 500whp mark

The car had another long down time at this point where some parts got up graded. Mostly for weight reduction. The exhaust was switched from my stainless AMS to a Ti tomie test pipe and cat back. The trunk was swapped at this time for a carbon replacement

After upgrading parts I decided to pull the transmission to replace it with with another one that had been upgraded by jacks transmission. Unfortunately when I removed the old transmission I found that my clutch had also gotten damaged  in the transmission failure. Due to the cost of rebuilding the ark clutch I was able to get a exedy twin to replace it for less $$

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Journals / How to accidentally build a race car
« on: December 28, 2017, 01:01 PM »
After over 4 years of building my evo the time to make a build journal has come. A quick back story on how the car got to where it is. December 15 2012 I decided to get myself a nice brand new daily driver. I was pumped to pick up my 2013 evo gsr and had small plans to mod it into a nice street car. Just a basic wheels and coils build with some bolt ons

Shortly after getting the car the bolt ons started. First up was a big order from ams. A full turbo back exhaust and intake got put on in early spring with the addition of a Cobb access port to handle the ecu.

Unfortunately we got to aggressive while tuning and a rod let go claiming the motor

At this point I decided to build the motor. The plan was to build a very basic rods and pistons 2l with a end goal of making 400whp down the road. The car got parked and I started saving. One day I found a used 4b11t on Kijiji. A quick road trip to red deer AB was made and I the build began. I tore down the new motor with hopes it would be all good to go.... I was wrong. I found a set of kelford cams (yay) but then found cracked ring lands (wtf this isnít a ej). Options where taken into consideration and budgets where forgotten. Some emails and calls got made and bamm. My block was on a truck to AMS in Chicago to get built. 5 weeks later it returned (crazy turn around time)

My new bottom end returned the original plan definitely got modified as I know had a darton sleeved block loaded with manley turbo tuff rods and je pistons all balanced to a comfortable 10k rpm... ya I know. This is overkill for 400whp goal.

Alright now is where things got stupid. I should have now put my car back together and enjoyed it... well that didnít happen. I couldnít bring myself to put this wild bottom end in to make full bolt ons evo power (350-380whp) instead things got stupid and risky financial decisions happened. Because whatís the easiest way to up the power on a evo that has a built bottom end. Well a turbo seemed like the answer and since my brain had completely left the decision making process a upgraded stock frame would no longer do. Another 5-8 week wait later a big box of awesome arrived with my new goal of 500whp (thanks ets)

The new turbo kit from ETS included there v band long runner manifold, a pte bb6262 and duel tial 38mm wastegates.  All the boxes got checked and the manifold and hot side of the turbo were ceramic coated. A ptp lava rock turbo blanket got thrown in and the larger 3.5Ē maf housing was added in with there 4Ē intake.

Now... one would think itís time to make some power. I was one of those people. But a last minute part out from a fellow evo friend put forth the opportunity to go another step further. Another road trip to Alberta was made and this time the parts haul was big.

The highlight of the trip was to get the port and polished head. It has upgraded springs and retainers and +1mm valves and a port and polish by kozmic in Texas. Some other cool parts I picked up was a ETS 4Ē intercooler. AMS fuel rail, FIC 1100cc injectors and a lightweight flywheel and clutch combo I never ended up using

It was time to put the motor together.

This was very rewarding. It finally felt like there was progress on getting my car back driving. I then ordered some more parts and was well on my way to finishing the build.

 I picked up a ark design twin disc to hold the new power levels. Ark design clutch = rebranded ORC

Finally I was now spending more time working on the car and less time spending money on it.

A couple more weekends spent on it and late nights and it was back in one piece

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Saskatchewan / JDM Parts/service in Sask
« on: December 28, 2017, 08:34 AM »
+1 for odd man out. Very knolegable guys when it comes to Subaruís.

     The first part of your issue almost sounds like itís just not up to temp yet and the ecu is limiting itself

Wheels & Tires / 275/35/18s for street and track
« on: April 12, 2016, 01:52 AM »
Originally posted by themikewoo
I used to own a set of Kuhmo Escta V10 slicks I used for autocross. They were simply amazing and turned my civic into a go kart. Definitely have to change the wheels at the event.

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Originally posted by themikewoo
I used to own a set of Kuhmo Escta V10 slicks I used for autocross. They were simply amazing and turned my civic into a go kart. Definitely have to change the wheels at the event.

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Have you ran any other slicks to compare these too? Car will be trailered to tracks so wear isn't a issue. From what I've researched lots like to stick to the Hoosier slicks or hankook

Wheels & Tires / 275/35/18s for street and track
« on: April 12, 2016, 01:48 AM »
Originally posted by cluelessk
What about the Nankang NS 2R? It's  DOT R compound that's pretty affordable and seems to have good reviews.
 They come in 180 and 120 treadware.

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I can't find anything on these

Wheels & Tires / 275/35/18s for street and track
« on: April 09, 2016, 07:44 PM »
Originally posted by Nhil
Sounds like you might need a third set!

Way to plant the seed

Wheels & Tires / 275/35/18s for street and track
« on: April 09, 2016, 06:37 PM »
I couldn't decide on the ideal tire for me that's why I got a secound set of wheels so I can easily switch back and forth depending on what I was doing

Wheels & Tires / 275/35/18s for street and track
« on: April 09, 2016, 04:40 PM »
Originally posted by Imprzme
I don't think you'll ever find that - it's either one or the other. No matter what you buy it'll be a tradeoff if you want both.
I'm thinking I'll use the mpss for autocross and possible get somthing very track orientated for the other set. Possible just make the leap to a nt-01 or somthing of that variety

Wheels & Tires / 275/35/18s for street and track
« on: April 09, 2016, 02:06 PM »
So I've bin reading up on the tires you guys have recommended and depending on what I can find for prices I will probably be picking up mpss for everyday tires. But still feel I want somthing more aggresive for the track. My only concern is finding the happy middle for a tire that will preform good at low heat for auto cross but not overheat for bigger tracks.

Wheels & Tires / 275/35/18s for street and track
« on: April 08, 2016, 06:34 PM »
I'll put like 5000km on the car a year. Was thinking about nt-05s and a set of cheaper tires for when it's not on the track. But they gotta be decent enough to make 500whp respectable on the street. Will be tracking at castrol in Edmonton. Will also be doing some events in sask. So mix of time attack and auto cross

Wheels & Tires / 275/35/18s for street and track
« on: April 08, 2016, 12:42 AM »
Since it's spring now and I never got around to researching tires all winter I'm looking for some help. I'm looking for 2 sets of 275s for my evo. One will be used for everyday/highway well the other set will be my streetishable track tires (as long as there DOT I'm open to them) trying to keep the track tires under $400 per tire. Car is not a daily

Pic because yay new wheels  :banana:

General Discussion / Official latest automotive purchase thread
« on: March 11, 2016, 08:03 AM »
Got my Magnus billet Mivec delete :banana: now just waiting for cams to ship

Saskatchewan / Regina Meets
« on: March 11, 2016, 12:00 AM »
All depending on the days your down. There was a group of us doing small weekday get togethers last year but would be nice if we got the fnl meets back up and running.

Sorry for off topic how do you like your whiteline Lca's I think there my next purchase

Engine & Transmission / Stage 1 evo
« on: March 26, 2015, 01:36 AM »
Going rich isn't too concerning just make sure it isn't leaning out. Also just watch your stft (short term fuel trim) and ltft ( long term fuel trim) if your long term is going more then +/- 10% I'd look into it. And make sure your not over boosting seems like a lot of local evo guys around me have had to switch to a lwg map to correct for overboost

General Discussion / What did you do to your car today? part 2
« on: March 22, 2015, 05:32 PM »
Put my built transmission in today... Forgot how big of a pain this is todo by yourself

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