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Does anyone know of someone in the city that has a tricore boot mode master tool (KTAG, CMD, byteshooter, etc.) who can perform ECU bench flashes?

I need to get a readout of my ECU, patch it with an uncompressed file (I already have the file), and then flash back the ECU with the modified readout. The process is required to be able to perform OBD2 flashing.

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« on: December 20, 2016, 02:50 PM »
Hey everyone, my name is Jesse. I recently moved back to Winnipeg and picked up a 2013 335i xdrive m-sport coupe. I used to have a 350z and then a 370z but decided this time I wanted something I could drive year round. I purchased the car stock but I don't intend on leaving it that way for long. Don't have many pics of it yet but I'll post some once I do.

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