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Protect Yourself / Naughty WPG Drivers Caught on Cam!
« on: Today at 05:18 PM »
Originally posted by cluelessk
Driver training would have to improve a ton. Plus with distracted driving being such a big problem I doubt it'd ever happen.

Also at those speeds fuel mileage really starts to drop in a lot of cars. I know I lose a significant amount.

Yeah I completely agree, we definitely need way more difficult testing and re-testing throughout the years. It's actually a complete joke how easy it is to pass that test. Personally distracted driving should be treated the same way as driving under the influence, suspend someones license for a month or so and if the repeat increase the length or just take it away. Although Manitoba being Manitoba and wanting more money rarely even takes peoples licenses away if they have multiple DUI convictions on them...

When I went on my road trip I averaged 7.5L/100KM highway @ 130KMPH in my WRX, in city I get around 9.9L/100KM. I just filled up for the first time in winter... 11.9L/100KM this will be a rough winter.

Protect Yourself / Naughty WPG Drivers Caught on Cam!
« on: Today at 02:42 PM »
Originally posted by jordisonjr
Kinda defeats the purpose of speed limits then, if you only enforce at a certain speed over. Where do you draw the line? 90km/hr? 80km/hr?

Make the speed limits a lot more reasonable. IMO Chief Peguis Trail, Moray should be 100KMPH, make the highway speed limits 140KMPH.

But they'll never change them cause higher speeds = less money for the toys.

Protect Yourself / Naughty WPG Drivers Caught on Cam!
« on: Today at 01:14 PM »
Originally posted by cluelessk
Because speeding ticket are more profitable.

Small traffic infractions are cheap tickets.

Makes sense. IMO it's bull**** unless you're doing like 100 in a 60 then give someone a ticket, otherwise who cares but that's me.

Protect Yourself / Naughty WPG Drivers Caught on Cam!
« on: Today at 01:02 PM »
Originally posted by jordisonjr
This happens on a daily basis at this intersection.

I usually go a different route or leave earlier but got caught up at work. Don't see why cops don't just sit there at rush hour and hand out tickets like they do in NYC.

Protect Yourself / Naughty WPG Drivers Caught on Cam!
« on: Yesterday at 06:59 PM »
Originally posted by #StreetFocus
Just lays on the horn FRIGGIN YES!!!

People are so god damn dumb with that ****. I see it at least once a day.

Hard to tell in the video, but the driver and rear passenger were putting up their hands like they were doing nothing wrong and it was someone elses fault.

Drives me absolutely insane, just look ahead, see if you can clear the intersection if you can go for it. If not sit there and wait until there is space, worst case you end up sitting at the lights for a minute and then go on your way.

Protect Yourself / Naughty WPG Drivers Caught on Cam!
« on: Yesterday at 04:59 PM »
Blocking the Intersection 2: Electric Boogaloo

Off Topic / Random chat
« on: November 15, 2017, 07:44 PM »
Originally posted by Colby
If you are going full racecar, or wanting super consistant and reliable boost. Get the Grimmspeed 3 Port EBCS. Super steady and stable boost levels. No spikes or fluctuations, overboosting or creep.

I personally wouldnt do any intake tract changes without a tune to that specific CAI, especially after experiencing how sensitive this new gen is. After reading up on some stuff, the FA20DIT and its tuning style are about 8 times more sensitive to knock than the EJ's are.

While the Perrin might win you some car shows, it still uses some OEM plumbing which is designed to slow down airflow. It also doesnt have a box, only a shield. This will allow a ton of hot air to get sucked in. The Mishi and COBB utilize an airbox to isolate the filter and use the stock funnel to plumb in cold force fed air.

The Intake and 3 Port you cannot run without a tune and we cant really tune in our temps for the next few months...

Get the parts on sale and sit on them till the spring!

Perrin does say you can ONLY run w/o a tune if your car is completely stock otherwise, I doubt they'd say that if they didn't believe it. I still wouldn't want to do that for the long run though. Yeah my plan was to just wait until the spring time. I also picked up an OLM Fog Light kit to install at that time too so while I'm already ripping that apart I can do the CAI too.

I don't plan on getting too crazy, I just want more whooosssssh noises to go with the backfire!

Off Topic / Random chat
« on: November 15, 2017, 06:41 PM »
Originally posted by Colby
Do I get an AP? The answer is YES!. There is so much left on the table with the FA20's. Although, you will want to do the intake hoseclamp mod that I did. The hose stock clamps loosen off with boost. BrenTuning has me at 20PSI, I almost **** myself on the first proper WOT pull... and Im limited to low power cause CVT.

Do you want to do a custom E-Tune or run OTS Maps?

If OTS, get th COBB Big SF pack. It is already mapped to work with your vehicle by COBB.

If E-Tune, Id say go for the Mishimoto Intake.

Regardless of which one you want to do the intake install should only be about 30 minutes. Another 15 Minutes to change the Intercooler and Throttle Body Hoseclamps.

Give me a shout if you do it!

Definitely will let you know! I'm going to do an oil analysis before I start doing any real mods on the car just to make sure nothing ****y is going on. If everything looks good I'll probably start voiding warranties.

I was looking at the Perrin CAI as they say it's safe to run w/o a tune. That's a whole other debate, but the COBB Big SF was the other one I was looking at. I think if anything I would use OTS for a while, then get an eTune. I saw your other post and I was already looking at Bren Tuning before hand, apparently lots of people have gotten good service from them.

Off Topic / Random chat
« on: November 15, 2017, 04:01 PM »
Originally posted by Ctown8
for black friday?

Pre Black Friday sale!

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Off Topic / Random chat
« on: November 15, 2017, 02:46 PM »
Cobb is having a sale 10% off on everything, and Perrin are having a 9% off everything sale as well.

Very tempted to get a CAI and AccessPort now...

Off Topic / Random chat
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:44 AM »
Originally posted by dano
Get a JDM for the winter? Or an auto?

No space right now :( planning on getting a house in the summer time so hopefully I'll have some more room then!

Off Topic / Random chat
« on: November 13, 2017, 10:03 AM »
Yesterday was my first day being able to drive again whoooooo! Can't shift into 2nd, 5th, 6th of reverse with my mangled arm but my left arm can manage. Basically no highway driving for a while though, but I'm super happy to not be stuck at home anymore!  :banana:

Newbies / Newbie intro
« on: November 10, 2017, 10:29 AM »
Welcome! :)

Off Topic / Random chat
« on: November 04, 2017, 06:02 PM »
Originally posted by Igor

Also, damn Amazon. Package was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Out for delivery since 8. They used some TForce Final Mile shipping company to deliver it. Their delivery times are 9-9. Had it shipped to my office so i could get it but it didnít get delivered before we closed. Was told by the company that they would deliver to my house today. Called today and apparently they donít deliver amazon packages on the weekends. 2 day shipping is now 5 day.


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Damn that blows, weird they didn't just use UPS / Fedex. Can you go and pick it up from their warehouse?

Originally posted by #StreetFocus
is it actually snowing in winnipeg now? we've got over a foot in some spots now. still snowing pretty heavy.

im kinda glad we got the few inches earlier this week, made a nice base to get packed down to make clearing this snowfall much easier.

Yep! Only about 10-15 cm. though, we need more!

Off Topic / Random chat
« on: November 04, 2017, 02:53 PM »
Whooooooo so much snow :D

Off Topic / Random chat
« on: November 02, 2017, 04:12 PM »
Adding another page to my Chinesium tyre woes.

My WRX was at my girlfriends house since I broke my arm and can't drive. Scheduled an oil change today and a swap to put my winter wheel setup on. Girlfriend is driving to pick me up, notices car is swerving hard, pulls over and front passenger is flat. Tow the car to Subaru, they do everything and inspect the tyre. No punctures, inflates and holds air fine. I can't wait to get a proper set in the spring time.

This tyre is cursed, it has always pulled the car to the right, had the tyres aligned, balanced, tested that they hold their air fine and no one knows why it's ****ed. Rolling on those sweet WS80s now though!

Journals / LJB's 2011 E90 BMW 335i xDrive Msport
« on: November 01, 2017, 09:37 AM »
Originally posted by themikewoo
Sweet looking car. One day I'd love to own a European car.

Can someone explain to me how to read the BMW car numbers?
335i = 3 series body / 35 displacement? / I ???

Back on older days 335i would have meant, 3 = 3 series body, 35 = 3.5L displacement, i = fuel injected. They changed that (not sure when). If you see an x in the badge then it's x-drive and AWD. Not sure if diesel BMWs are sold in North America but if they were swap the i for a d.

Off Topic / Random chat
« on: October 28, 2017, 07:18 PM »
Originally posted by Ctown8
At least the tires were a great deal

Very true. My dad swung by the place after work yesterday and they did all the work. Just didn't call anyone about it.....

At least this is all done now!

Off Topic / Random chat
« on: October 27, 2017, 10:57 AM »
Originally posted by Ctown8
Wow this is brutal, I remember last year when I bought my WS-80's it took them almost a month to get them in stock and then they sold them to someone else! Then they happened to find another set and gave me those.

At this point I expect them to lose all my ****, I don't really have any faith in them.

Off Topic / Random chat
« on: October 26, 2017, 04:52 PM »
Originally posted by #StreetFocus
Jesus, does no one prepare early for snow? One of our customers is a tire distributor, between 5 tire shops we have tires for today, there are 71 tires. 90% are winter's.

First snow and everyone starts freaking out.

Buckle up for this one.

I ordered a set of WS80s for my WRX a few weeks ago at Costco on Regent. They came in last week and I wanted Costco to remove the summers from my extra wheel set, put the winters on them. I dropped everything off on Saturday at around 9am, they said it would take up to 48 hours. No problem, I have a broken arm and can't drive so take your time. Call them on 8 times yesterday trying to figure out whats going on, they don't pick up. Finally call me back at around 4pm saying their machine broke that mounts tyres on wheels, tell me I can wait until they fix it (they don't know how long) or take to another Costco.

Get to Costco Regent, grab my ****, have to do a refund on the portion of the receipt for the mounting and balancing, fine whatever. Drive to Costco St. James, explain everything to the woman at the front desk she says fine they can take care of it and to pull up to the gate to drop everything off. Tech meets us at the gate and starts saying **** that they can't keep them overnight, they're super busy, he hasn't had a break all day, started saying that Costco Regent lied their machine broke cause they're busy and want to unload their work on the St James location, not my problem dude you guys said you can do it. Then he starts saying that it might take days to do cause they're so busy, like do you not see my broken arm? I don't care if it takes a week just get it done. He goes on to say that tyres and stuff get lost, etc. and the woman at the front desk comes by tells him to get his **** together and that we're all good to go.

Hopefully this is the last headache, but I'm not impressed with either Costco right now. And if they do in fact lose any of my tyres of damage my wheels I'm going to royally flip **** on those idiots.

Newbies / Hi everyone.
« on: October 25, 2017, 01:14 PM »
Welcome! What do you drive?

Newbies / just saying hi
« on: October 24, 2017, 12:18 PM »
Welcome! :)

Off Topic / Random chat
« on: October 23, 2017, 05:21 PM »
Just had surgery on my humerus, I'm all plated up and transitioning into a cyborg! Hopefully I'll be back to driving in a couple of weeks! :alien:

Off Topic / Random chat
« on: October 22, 2017, 06:10 PM »
Originally posted by Madbuzz41

If you paid by CC just do a chargeback if they don't refund you, your CC company will always fight on your side.

Off Topic / Random chat
« on: October 21, 2017, 04:16 PM »
Holy **** that sounds like a nightmare

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