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Bikes / motard mpi classification
« on: August 04, 2017, 12:50 PM »
Hey does anyone know what other bikes besides the ducati hypermotard fall under the motard classification with MPI? I wish I could browse a list with what mpi considers "motard" as something with a little bit of suspension travel but still sporty is what I'm looking for as my next bike (jk gonna squid it up with stoppies and dank whoolie trickz). All I can think of is the hypermotard and the ktm supermoto pictured under their motorcycles body styles. It's like 500 bucks less in the 500-1000cc category with comparable sport/naked bikes.

My 2001 forester MT is making a lot of squeaking/thumping noise from the underside, whether in gear or not. Thought a u-joint was the culprit but after taking out my driveshaft, it looks to be in good condition. I recorded a video of the sound, if anyone has any idea what this sound might be let me know. It appears to make more noise while in gear and off throttle. The sound increases in rate the faster I go and is not dependent on what gear I'm in. My clutch and shifting feels normal. At one point it made a high pitch screech/squeal that increased with vehicle speed, but the following time I went to drive it and ever since, it went back to making the sound you hear in the video. Seems to come from between the driver and passenger, though it's hard to pinpoint. Any help or suggestion or resource is super appreciated

edit: my buddy asked what sound? so to clarify, sounds like the ****ing wheel on the price is right  :'(

Problem solved! had to replace the transfer gears when the cir-clip came loose from the center differential (aka viscous coupler). Source replacement set from any 99+ subaru 2.5 MT (mine came from a 99 legacy GT, see for compatibility) and watch the Dutch garages video for an EXCELENT how-to

Also to stop this from happening again, either get an updated center diff 38913AA102 that has a c clip instead of a cir-clip, or weld the cir-clip (see this forum post

Cars for Sale/Wanted/Trade / FS: 1995 Nissan Skyline GTS-T (Saftied)
« on: September 25, 2015, 10:07 PM »
My little brother is selling his rb25 skyline and id like to help him out trying to find a buyer. His name is Michael, his phone number is below. Reason for selling is he's got the car safetied but cant afford the insurance because he's got to pay for school. I think it'll be on a temp again for interested buyers. Looking to trade/buy down to an old taco or hilux atm but I think he wants to hear all interesting trade proposals. Shoot him a text of you want this fireball-throwing jdm rocket

YEAR, MAKE & MODEL: 1995 Nissan Skyline GTS-T
COLOR (EXT/INT): silver
CONTACT VIA (E-mail, PM, phone number, etc.): text/call 204-981-7874

$500 discount for TT members
Motor was rebuilt
timing change at 100,000 km.

Problems with the car:
-Slight oil leak coming from one of the lines in the oil filter relocate kit. It's a very light leak, and does not affect the oil pressure when driving hard. It's hard to describe, please ask me for more information. Easy shop fix, might get to it before long.
-Roof, rear bumper and hood all have fading paint, with the rear bumper being the worst.
-Due to the age of the wheels, they have a fair amount of curb rash on them. (Came like that from Japan)
-The recirculation valve is the original valve, and due to age, does not seal as well as it should.
-Power Steeting squeeks on Full lock.
-Tach doesn't work, its an easy soldering fix, but if you're not into electrical work like myself, then you won't want to attempt it. It's a common problem with these cars, and there loads of tutorials on
-Front tires are bald




-HKS 4" Superdragger Exhaust
-Apexi SAFC II AFR tuner
-Apexi Intercooler
-GReddy Trust oil cooler and oil filter relocate
-Tomei PON cams
-Blitz cold air intake
-Nismo Strut bar
-Japtek HICAS lock bar
-245/45/r17 rears and 235/45r17 fronts (new tires on rear)
-Up Garage brand Coil overs

Exterior/ Interior Mods
-GTR Wing
-Old Yokohama Sienna Road Battler wheels (17x7.5)
-HID lights

-Mishimoto 1 1/2 lb shift knob
-Razo GT pedals
-Nardi Wheel
-Bride Seat

General Discussion / Six car garage game
« on: October 20, 2013, 10:56 PM »
So here are the rules the blogger who thought of this came up with, "Your imaginary budget is $200 million (Which unless you want 6 GTOs shouldn't be a problem), and the only rule was that we had to keep the cars for 5 years. (You couldn't buy anything else either) This means that while you could buy a garage full of F1 and LMP cars, you'd probably have a hard time driving to the grocery store, and if you bought 6 track cars, your spine would be dust after about a year." So what are your choices? You must post pictures for the sake of car porn. Bonus points if you post a car that becomes someone else's new favorite car. Here is my selection:

1. The V12 - Diablo

2. The classic V12 - Jag xj13

3. The track car - F1 lm (with a v12)

4. The big v8 cruiser - Riviera Boattail

5. The open top classic - Auburn Speedster Supercharged

6. The rear engined rally car - Alpine A110

Honorable mention to the 930 slantnose, 993 GT2, 904, Carrera GT, BMW 507, F40, 575 GTC, 288 GTO, Pantera, Mangusta, Miura, c2 Corvette, Ford GT, '68 Mustang fastback, '71 Challenger, Roadrunner GTX, rs200, Shelby Daytona Coupe, 33 Stradale, Giulia TZ2, Viper ACR, Venturi 400GT and the Jag xkss. (This is more for my benefit so I don't forget to mention one if ever someone asks what my favorite cars are)

Protect Yourself / Fight a photo radar ticket?
« on: July 17, 2013, 05:58 PM »
I guess it was only a matter of time but I got my first speeding ticket in the mail. One of those radar cars was covering a 50 zone on plesis and clocked me at 65. Now I have to fork over $250. It's not bloody fair because if you look at the street it's easy to assume that the limit might be 60. Two lanes, long and straight. There's a playground about 20 yards from the road but there's no parking on the street and no visual obstructions so you'd be able to see any kids a mile away, if there were any kids there in the first place. Not to mention my car can slow down faster than most cars! Ok done ranting  :unamused:

Anyway, when I bought my car, it came with different gears from the factory so my speedo is off. I kinda went over budget and haven't saved up for a tuner yet so I've been driving around with my speedo being off by around 7 km/h. Does anyone think I'd have a chance at a reduced fine? Does begging work?

Off Topic / Who has the best gas guzzler?
« on: June 28, 2013, 12:42 PM »
Typically we want higher mpgs for most of our driving. But I didn't buy a sports cars to save gas! When I took my mustang out of storage this spring, I immediately began "treating" my "withdrawal". I think I averaged 300 km on a tank or around 12 mpg, and that's being generous since my speedo is running fast! Obviously my v8 is great at burnin the good stuff, but I want to hear about your turbo fours and sixes. When you really get on it, how quick do you hit empty?

Off Topic / Swap cars for a day
« on: June 04, 2013, 07:41 PM »
I've always been curious how other cars drive. Anyone want to meet up with me, we'll swap cars and go cruising for a bit? I've never driven a turbocharged car and would love to drive one. My car is a standard 07 Mustang GT with custom cams; I promise you'll have fun in it. Think of this as swinging but with cars lol. Anyone interested?

Edit: I understand the concerns with giving the keys to a complete stranger. You can't tell for certain I won't mug you, or trash your car, or not know how to row gears etc. So I was thinking we'd meet in a public parking lot during the day outside a tims or something. Talk for a bit and if you decide I'm not a complete idiot (I'll make the same evaluation) we'll take each other for ride alongs in the parking lot to see if the other person knows what they're doing before going for a short cruise. The whole point of this exercise is to test drive a car you've never driven, and to make some car friends and talk cars. For some of you this is a stupid exercise because you've been around cars your whole life. The only other sports cars I've ever driven were an rsx and a miata.

Looking for someone who has experience with honda transmissions to help me replace parts of my honda cr-v clutch. I'm no mechanic but I can follow a manual and remove bolts. I like to do things myself but this is a big job, and so I'm looking to hire someone to help me. I'll pay $300 and we'll have beer and bbq. Let me know if you're interested or know someone who might be.

Newbies / Stangs welcome?
« on: April 24, 2013, 09:59 PM »
Hello, my name is Patrick. I just bought my 07 GT in the fall and am looking for some car friends. I joined the manitoba mustang club for advice, but I'd also like to be part of a club where there's some diversity. I met a friend who told me about TTI and after seeing all your cool rexs', nissans, and rx7s, I want in.   I'd like to make it to the meet on may 11th, which just so happens to be on the same day as the manitoba mustang club! Hope I won't be stigmatized for driving a good ol ford. I used to be an imports kind of guy till a friend of mine took me for a ride in his sn95 GT. Now my horizon has broadened to include all forms of muscle, both classic and modern. My stangs got an aftermarket x pipe, axelbacks and hot rod cams so she goes brrp brrp brrp while she shakes rattles and rolls.

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