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Journals / Lets Ruin A CTR
« on: October 20, 2016, 10:19 PM »
So I bought a Civic Type R a while back and I was really happy with the car.  That being said, I always wanted to do a K-Swap to a Civic.  I'm still happy with my CTR I just think I'll be happier with it with a little extra power and most attractive to me; the 6 speed transmission.  So I set out to accomplish my goal and began to purchase parts.  Thus far, I've still got a B series motor in my car though it should be coming out within a week.  Past that I'll be picking up my K20 and all the work on the car will begin.  So far here is a list of the parts I've collected for the swap:
K20z3 w/ 55xxxkm's with matching 6 speed transmission
RBC Manifold
BWR B2 RBC Adapter Plate
PRC ECU w/ KproV2
K-Tuned No cut swap rad / hoses
K-Tuned RSX Shifter Plate
OEM RSX Shifter Box w/ OEM Shifter Cables
Skunk2 Mega Power Swap Header
Type-R Valve Cover
CRV Spindles
DC2R Subframe / Steering Rack
OEM Type S Axles
Hasport EKK2 mounts
OEM RSX Wiring harness w/ swap harness.

I still need a few parts but I've pretty well got most everything I'm going to need to get everything done.

I'm not as active on this website as I used to be but I'm going to do my best to stay on top of posting here.  Though I'll probably keep up better on my instagram / wordpress accounts.

And because I know a few people have expressed the fact they are upset about me doing this to a type R all I can say is...


Cars for Sale/Wanted/Trade / 1999 Evolution 6
« on: December 14, 2015, 02:42 PM »

For sale is my car!  I'm interested in purchasing a differant car for the summer months and this one has to go! I am the first Canadian owner and I got the car with 98xxx KM. With three trips last year and driving it through the winter, it now sits right around the 131k mark. I have done an oil change every 5000km with Amsoil Signature Series since I've owned the car.
The car is lightly modified with no work being done to the engine. The mods are as follows:
-Blitz Nur Spec cat-back exhaust.
(comes with oem exhaust w/ muffler delete)
-Cusco front and rear strut tower bars
-Tein Street Advanced adjustable coilovers
-Evo 9 SE BBS wheels that are 17x8 +38
-Bride Digo Type R reclinable seat w/ authentic Bride seat rail.

The maintenance that has been done to this car since i've gotten it are as follows:
-oil changes every 5000km Amsoil Sig. Series
-new wiper blades and head / tail light bulbs
-new brake pads and rotors all around
-wheel alignment with custom specs
-one wheel bearing failed and was replaced immediately
-the timing belt was done in japan at roughly 90,000km
-all 20 hub studs were stripped and replaced
-the wing was starting to rust the trunk so it was removed, the trunk was sanded and vinyl wrapped. Car does still come with the wing.
-Car is freshly safetied as the first week of December
-calipers were repainted this past summer

Lots of maintenance work went into the car to get it in perfect running shape with nothing to worry about. 

-one small panel has been re-painted and is slightly noticeable in colour.
-steering wheel leather is peeling

Asking 13500 w/o the Bride Digo Type R or 14000 w/ the seat.
Though I'll consider offers.
Cash or Cashier's cheque only. To hold the car I will take deposits. No test pilots without cash in hand. Feel free to contact me through this website or you can TEXT 204-894-7485 .  Also feel free to ask questions if I missed anything within the thread.

Tell your friends.

Follow this link to an album of recent pictures that I've been taking for potential buyers.

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / Fs: ps4 games
« on: November 07, 2015, 01:52 AM »
Trying to sell off some of my stuff before I go on a trip in a week.

All games are in perfect condition and work just fine.  Prices are all OBO and I will potentially trade for things.

Assassin's Creed - Blackflag  - $20
Assassin's Creed - Unity        - $30
Dark Souls 2 - Sin of the First Scholar - Still factory sealed - $40
Need for Speed - $60
Final Fantasy X/X2 - $30

Message me on here for a quick reply.

For sale I've got 3 items.

-ARP Extended Studs for Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution's 4-10. 4 packs of 5 studs.  (Not sure on other vehicle fitment)
looking to get $200 CAD

-Kyoei 5mm slip on wheel spacers. 2 sets of 2 spacers.
looking to get $65 CAD

-Top-Line hub centric rings.  I'll have to confirm but I believe they are 73mm - > 68.1mm (The spacer to the Evo hub) 1 pack of 4pcs.
looking to get $15 CAD

Or come take it all for $250 CAD

I'm willing to ship. CAN / USA

All items are brand new in box as pictured.  My reason for selling, is that I was planning on running spacers to get a set of wheels to fit; once the wheels landed I realized I would have had to have run a much larger spacer than I'm comfortable with so the hardware I purchased in advance needs to go to fund other things.

Wheels and Tires / FS - Enkei WRC Tarmac Evos
« on: June 22, 2015, 03:57 AM »
(Regretfully) For sale I have my set of Enkei WRC Tarmac Evo wheels that came on my car from Japan.  They are a 17x8 with a +35 offset and are a 5x114.3 bolt pattern.  The wheels are seemingly getting harder to find and the 8 inch wheels is the more desirable size compared to its 7 inch counterpart.  I drove on the wheels for 1 winter and did not mess them up myself in anyway.  They do have some rash on them as well as some of the paint is chipping, though overall the wheels are still quite visually appealing.  My reason for trying to sell them is that I just purchased a set of RE30's and could use some extra cash to help pay for the new wheels.  My asking price is $1050 OBO. Trade's may be considered, though I'm not interested in any new wheels. Shipping can be arranged to anywhere in Canada or the lower 48.

Last but not least, here are some pictures of the wheels.

Wheel Title Stamp

Wheel 1.

Wheel 2.

Wheel 3.

Wheel 4.

Size Stamp.

If you've got any questions of offers I can be reached VIA TEXT at 204 894 748five or via PM on the website as it comes directly to my email.

Hey guys, I'm pretty well selling off a bunch of the random things that I have in my home.  They are as follows.

1. A camshaft lamp that i had made.  It is made from the cam and gear of a RSX Type S Engine.  Looking to get 60$ OBO.

2. A speaker box that I had purchased off of Crispy Bakon two years ago.  It is two speakers wired into an amp all inside a briefcase.  It does require to be plugged into a wall and is not usable without a power source.  The speaker will also kill volume if there is a chance of blowing the speakers so there is no fear of killing the thing. The speaker used to have a on off switch though it was not put in well so the box is hardwired on, that meaning so long as it is plugged in it is on.  If it means making a sale I will solder a new switch into it.  Asking $125 OBO

The volume, bass, treble dials.

The amp board.


3. A MA Audo subwoofer that I took on trade years ago.  Worked the last time I used it but haven't used it in a car since my Cobalt, which was now a few years ago.  It is 11" and that is about all the info I know on it.  Starting price @ $50 OBO

4. A Xbox 360 controller.  Bought to play games on my PC with but much rather would just use keyboard and mouse.  Used maybe two or three times.  New these are $50 or so, asking $35 OBO

5. Assassin's Creed Unity & Blackflag for PS4.  I played them and would rather give someone a better deal that giving them to EB Games.  Disc's are in great shape with no scratches.  Asking $30 each or $50 for the pair again price is OBO.

Hey guys, I'm no longer going to be winter driving my Evo and to prevent myself from having to, I'm listing the tires up for sale.  I have now used these for 1/2 a season on my Evo 8 and a full winter season on my Evo 6 totalling roughly 10,000km.  The tread on the tires is still at about 8/32, and the tread is even between all four.  The only downside to the tires is that one had a puncture in which a bolt had pierced it, so I had the tire patched from the inside, not plugged.  For the set I am looking to get $300 OBO.

UPDATE - Hey guys I'm selling a set of Evo 5 wheels that I recently picked up and only needed for a short while. While I was in the process of switching wheels on my car and getting a set powder coated. I needed something to roll around on. I will sell them in one of two ways. I will either sell them with the tires that are on them currently which are a Yokohama Summer tire of 225/45/17 w/ 4/32nds tread @ $450 OBO or I can put on a set of winter tires on that are Falken Eurowinter's w/ I believe 8/32nds tread of 225/50/17 for $650 OBO. If you'd like me to put the winter tires on I will require a deposit on them so that I won't be stuck switching them over only for you to back out. Upon switching the tires will be mount and balanced. I won't part out just the wheels, they will come with a set of tires and the remaining set of tires will be sold by themselves after or with the wheels if the buyer would like. I can be reached through Facebook or at 204 894 74eight5. I will deliver to anywhere in Winnipeg provided our schedules work. Weekends I will deliver to the surrounding cities.

Just decided to use this post as the tires are the ones I was selling here anyhow.

General Discussion / Salvage Title Restoration
« on: February 25, 2015, 07:59 PM »
Hey guys so I went to my first Salvage Auction today and in doing so had planned to purchase a irreparable vehicle, obviously I had only intended to use it for parts as every other use is pretty well not an option.  However I did notice that there were quite a few salvageable vehicles still in decent shape.  This made me want to ask the question;  What do I need to do to make a Salvaged-Titled vehicle insured and back on the road once again? 

I'm aware that I would need to re safety it, but I'm sure there has to be another process.

Any information is appreciated.

Edit: @Hilux , I've seen your threads, care to share the process?

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / LF: GTRC 2015 Calendar.
« on: February 19, 2015, 03:33 PM »
So it completely skipped my mind this year and I have missed the GTRC calendars by a few months, if anyone has an extra one kicking around I would gladly buy it.

Unofficial Meets / Cody's March Meet
« on: February 16, 2015, 12:32 AM »
Hey guys so since the last meet I set up was so successful, I figured once I finished up my last class, I'd set up another meet with a little more time for people to respond.  So lets get at least one more meet in before the Spring Barbeque!

Date: Saturday, March 7th

Time: 7:30 PM

Location:  Tim Horten's  1040 Beaverhill Boulevard.,+Winnipeg,+MB+R2J+4B1/@49.8554475,-97.0653851,17z/data=!3m1!4b1!4m2!3m1!1s0x52ea77127ce4424f:0x8b8582d705f277ec

And as always please follow the rules.  If you don't know the rules please check them out here.

To anybody who hasn't been out to a meet yet, this is a great chance to come out and meet a bunch of people before we get into the summer/spring months where there will be many more people out. 

So I hope to see both old and new faces out for another meet-up.

PS.  I chose another Tim Hortens / Wendy's combo store.

Edit:  So with some advice from many people in this thread, the parking lot is said to be both small and not low car friendly.  Therefore I am going to ask that people park within the red square on the map, this way we can have the same volume of people as last time and we won't be flooding an otherwise rough parkling lot.

Edit #2:  Alright guys so I'm going to ask that everyone heads to their vehicles at about 8:15, that way there is no excuse for anyone to go un-introduced.  This was requested as it felt as though the last meet wasn't quite geared towards introductions and knowing who everyone is so hopefully this helps out!

It is only a short walk away from the Tim's and  as far as the forecast goes, it should be fairly mild on the day of the meet.
1. Cody

Off Topic / Pop-Punk Thread
« on: February 15, 2015, 11:01 PM »
So I'm in on the Metal Thread and the  Electronic Music Thread, so now I decided it is time for a thread dedicated to my personal favorite genre of music; Pop Punk.

Post up bands and songs you like to share with the rest.

Found these guys just tonight.

Also these guys had to be mention in the first post.

Protect Yourself / License Plates Buying/Selling/Trading?
« on: February 10, 2015, 04:28 PM »
Hey guys, I was wondering what the legality is of trading/buying/selling license plates to other people for decorative use only?  IE.  Never to be insured under / used on the vehicle at all.  I pretty well just want to collect a few more plates from out of province, but am unsure if I am even allowed to acquire them.  Any input is welcome.

Misc Parts / FS: Ilco MIT14-PT Trans Key
« on: February 09, 2015, 11:17 PM »
Bought this key back when I had an Evo 8, just found it today and I don't have any use for it.  It is still in the package.  I am looking to get 10$ for it.

Engine, Drivetrain and Exhaust / WTB: Camshaft
« on: February 09, 2015, 09:58 PM »
I am looking to buy  a camshaft.  Doesn't matter what from but the cheaper the better.  Just wanted to see what's out there.

Off Topic / Roll-Up the Rim: 2015
« on: February 05, 2015, 10:24 PM »
I'm sure most of us play the dangerous coffee game.  Anyone winning yet?

I'm 0/1.

Cars for Sale/Wanted/Trade / FS/FT 1987 Honda Civic 1500S
« on: January 29, 2015, 09:32 PM »
Okay here goes; for sale is my 1987 Honda Civic 1500S.  It has roughly 373k km on it and yes it  is safetied.
The timing belt was done roughly 100k km ago and the head gasket within the last 10k km.  The rear glass was replaced after it was vandalized and cost MPI roughly $900.  Aside from those the car  has a brand new clutch with less than 250km on it.  Currently the car is  not producing heat,  though my father and I plan to have this resolved for the new buyer.
The car comes on factory honda rims with fairly new  winter tires.   I do have a set of  used summer tires on Chevy Aveo wheels that can potentially thrown into the deal too.
There  is no radio installed though I have one that will come with the vehicle.

The bad news is that the car's  battery is in rough shape and the  car is currently not producing heat inside, though this will be fixed for the buyer.

I am looking to get $1450 (1350 if you take it as is without heat)  OBO  for the car, but I am completely open to trades of any kind.  I  am currently seeking an EG hatch if anyone has one and am potentially open to throwing cash on top of this Honda Classic.  Traded car does NOT require safety.   So let me  know what you have or if you'd like to work out a deal.

Off Topic / In Need of Employment
« on: January 28, 2015, 03:32 PM »
Hey guys, I am looking for a new job and figured this forum  may have  some connections and solid opportunities. I am looking for a job within an office setting primarily (however not limited to), though I don't have prior experience.  I currently work within the restaurant industry and have nearly four years of experience within a kitchen, two of which I was a manager within the kitchen.  I'd really like to  leave  this  industry behind as I just don't enjoy it any longer,  however I  would consider other kitchens, or front  of house within restaurants.

Though I am currently a student at RRC, taking their accounting program, I am a distanced student leaving me with a very flexible schedule.  Due to this, I am still able to work full time hours and that is what  I am looking for.

I am a well spoken individual, who can work both on my own or with others.  I have experience  dealing with the public as well from both an employee and a supervisor stand point and understand that though they may be wrong, they are  always right.
As far as technical skills go, I am very good at using a PC.  I have taken courses on the Microsoft Office software package and can pick up most  programs quite easily.  On top of that I am  able to type in excess  of 80WPM with proper punctuation and  spelling.  I am a clear speaker, however the only language I speak is English.

This is just a sample of what I have to offer a company so if anyone  has their work hiring, or anyone is an employer interested in hiring myself.  I can be PM'd directly, emailed at or  texted only at 204 894 7four85 to set  up a call as my current job does not allow phones on the job and I don't want to miss your call.  I can also email you my resume.

Thanks for taking the time to read this over and I hope I posted in the correct section.

Unofficial Meets / A Meet For The New Members
« on: January 28, 2015, 02:53 AM »
Hey guys, so I saw the thread stating that some people would like a meet for new members so I decided why not put something together as I'm not one of the oldest members but with how the community has grown I am most definitely not one of the newest either.

So before I even get into any of the details of the meet, I'd like you to (if you've not attended a meet or haven't read them) read over these rules really quick.  They are the basic standards that we should all uphold while driving in public and representing the community.

Next up I'd like to say I'm just throwing this day out there as it works for myself, but if it doesn't work for enough of you we could potentially change it up. 

Date:  Saturday, February 7th 2015

Location: Tim Horton's Kenaston.  1609 Kenaston Boulevard.

Time 7:30 pm

Finally, just come out and say hi, or stay for a while and meet some new people.  I hope to meet up with some new faces and some old friends alike.  I look forward to seeing you guys so let me know if you can make it in the thread and I'll throw a link to here in the other thread that had been started.

1: CodyLoewen

Protect Yourself / Misprinted Ticket
« on: January 18, 2015, 03:43 PM »
Hey everyone, today I was pulled over and received a ticket.  I however noticed that on my ticket, it is said for me to respond to it between March 10, 2014  and March 24, 2014.  Will this make it void? 

Brakes & Suspension / New Wheel Bearing
« on: January 17, 2015, 11:24 PM »
Hey guys, so as it turns out one of the wheel bearings on my Evo is howling like a banshee and needs to be replaced.  I called up the dealership to price out an OEM unit and they wanted a little over $400.00 CDN.  Now looking online, I've found the bearing to be less than half that. (before shipping and customs)   The only issue that I have is that I have no idea from all the options what a reputable brand would be, so I was wondering if any of  you guys that have had to replace your own bearings knew the good quality brands vs. the cheaper brands so that I can find the  best part. 
Also if anyone is interested in searching them up if their own work may carry the part  the part number is -  MR403968

Off Topic / Keyboard Switches
« on: January 07, 2015, 04:18 AM »
Hey guys, I'm looking to do a semi rebuild on my keyboard as some of the switches have died or double tap now that I've been using it over the past few years.  My question is, has anyone else ever  done this before and have any tips? Also do you guys know anywhere  in the city that I could purchase blue or red switches?

Engine & Transmission / Exhaust Flange Gaskets.
« on: December 26, 2014, 09:33 PM »
Hey guys, I recently picked up a catback exhaust for the evo and was wondering if there was anywhere local that I could pick up a couple new 3 inch exhaust flange gaskets. I found many places to get them online but I'd rather be able to pick them up tomorrow.  Any help is welcomed.

For sale I have a Ingersoll Rand TwinStack Compressor.  I won the item in a raffle and figured I would use it, though I really don't need something of its size / quality so I decided I would rather have some extra cash for parts in its place.  I honestly don't know too much about it other than what it says on the box which is
Two-horsepower motor
135 max PSI
Capacity at 90 PSI 4.3 CFM
Capacity at 135 PSI 3.2 CFM
115 volts and 15 amps
I do not have the box that it came within any more however the unit has only even been turned on once for less than 10 seconds.  It comes with everything that came in the box down to the manual.
I am looking to get $275.00 OBO for this unit, or I could find the time to drop it off anywhere in the city or the immediate surrounding areas of the city for an additional $25.00
If you have any questions feel free to post, PM me or shoot me a text at 2o4-894 748five

EDIT: Item is on sale brand new.  New price is reflective of that.

Interior and Audio / FS: JZX100 Bride Type MO Seat Rail
« on: December 05, 2014, 03:28 AM »
For sale  is my JZX100 seat rail.  It is used and the pull  to adjust the slider is slightly bent but could easily be repaired.  I am looking for $150 for the piece  OBO.

And a photo of the damaged piece, you can see how the metal piece is bent out of a proper trapezoid shape.

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / FS / FT : Playstation Video Games
« on: December 05, 2014, 03:13 AM »
For sale I have 15 PS3 games and one  PS4 game.  They are  priced as follows:

Rockband 2   -- With these games I do have the drums and microphone but unfortunately the guitar's receiver has gone missing so it does not work.
For each of  these games I am looking to get $5, and  if you'd like the drums and microphone I will throw them in for $15 more with the guitar for free if you'd like it.

Silent  Hill: Downpour - $5
Uncharted : Drakes Fortune - $5
SOCOM : Confrontation - I honestly doubt the servers are still online so free with anything else.
Dead Space 3 - $5
Soul Caliber IV -$5
Fallout 3 - 5$
Fallout : New Vegas - $5
Prototype - $5
Prototype 2 - $5
Unreal Tournament - $5
God of War  3 - $5
inFamous - $5

Skylanders : Spyro's Adventure + Portal + 6 Skylanders - $25


Destiny - $40

Everything in this thread is open to offers as well as bundle deals.  I am also open to trades for both old games such as but not  limited to SNES, N64,  PS1  ETC.  As well as for trades towards current gen or last gen games.

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