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General Discussion / That EZ
« on: September 11, 2017, 02:56 PM »
So be honest.

Who here is rocking an EZ lip on their vehicle?
Might throw one on the Vitz for now, before buying a real lip/bumper.

Simple lip and cheap...seen some on several cars and I think it looks great for the price.

Car Shows & Other Events / MitSubie / Frenemies meet
« on: September 10, 2017, 12:01 AM »
Mitsubishi vehicles and Subaru meet up.

Date: Oct 7, Saturday
Time: 5-7pm

Location: Waverley Mitsubishi

More info to come!

Journals / Impact's JDM 2001 Toyota Vitz RS * Yaritz*
« on: September 06, 2017, 05:10 PM »
Well with needing a winter ride. I managed to find one.
Had a buddy help me out big time, good thing we've been friends for over 20 years.

As you guys know I own Evo-la and it's almost time for storage.

I was hoping to get something AWD for winter, but the car I getting comes with 2 sets of rims/tires.
14 inch and winters
17 and all seasons

The car is a 2001 Toyota Vitz RS (JDM version of the Toyota Yaris)
2 door
5spd transmission
109 HP

Car just hit over 100,XXX kms a few days ago.

Timing chain has been done and was sold safetied!
I believe I can use parts from the Yaris RS here.

Here are some pics from the current owner, will update once in my possession.

I will be planning on using this over the winter's and as a daily driver. So the Evo will be taking some rest next year and save in my pockets.
The damn gas prices right now are crazy! Especially since I need to use Husky 94. It'll be nice to be using regular and over 400kms + compared to the current 290kms give or take in the Evo.

Would like to eventually lower it, prob get a roof rack on it and use it for long drives. ****ty it has no cruise, but that may possibly be a mod in the future if its possible.

Used set of Buddy Club 272 drop in cams.
Would need polishing before install for optimal performance.

340 for the pair


Used GReddy Boost controller in black.
Reason for selling : Just going to go manual

Asking 240

Waverley Mitsubishi Performance Meet and Greet 2017

Moved to
June 11th
2 PM - 6 PM

Waverley Mitsubishi
Unit 300 - 1717 Waverley Street

Registration at door - $10

Food Trucks - Kyu Grill and Fire Up Pizza

Foundation working with and all proceeds going to - Cancer Care Research


Awards list
Best/runner up - Mitsubishi Overall
Best/runner up - Mitsubishi Boosted
Best/runner up - Mitsubishi N/A
Best/runner up - Lancer
Best/runner up - Eclipse

Best/runner up - Mazda
Best/runner up - Subaru
Best/runner up - Hyundai
Best/runner up - Honda
Best/runner up - Toyota
Best/runner up - Euro
Best/runner up - BRZ/FRS/GT86

Best/runner up - Domestic
Best/runner up - Dodge
Best/runner up - Chevy
Best/runner up - Ford
Best/runner up - Truck/SUV

Best/runner up - Under 20
Best/runner up - Female enthusiast

Loudest exhaust TAG TEAM x2
Best/runner up - Loudest overall
Best/runner up - Loudest 5cyl and up
Best/runner up - Loudest 4cyl

People's choice x2

Supporters and prizes(on going will keep adding):

Waverley Mitsubishi will be giving out chances to win
- Tablets
- Beat headphones
- Fitness watches and more!

DEST Vehicle Care will be providing a detailing package
- Exterior Two package, valued at 125 dollars

Perfect Performance (owned by Chad Shirtliff)
- 200 gift certificate towards labor

Creme Dela Essence
- Dinner for 2

LB Hydro
- 2 dipped mason jar glasses

No Limits Car Club / Cruisin The PLAP
- Tshirts, custom prizes

General Discussion / ..
« on: January 23, 2017, 02:37 PM »

Date: Oct 2, 2016 Sunday
Time: 3pm-7pm
Where: Waverley Mitsubishi
Why: No reason
Sponsored by: Waverley Mitsubishi and Bomex Graphics
Price: FREE

Just an all out afternoon, gathering Mitsubishi's at our local Mitsubishi dealership.

We will be having prizes for random people who show up.

We will also be having the BBQ on for Filipino BBQ sticks and hotdogs/hamburgers (donation if you want to eat)


A great way to end the season with another car show.

DATE: Sunday Oct 9, 2016 10am-4pm
Fee: $15 registration, free for spectators
Proceeds go towards: The Cemetery Renewal Foundation
Taking place at the Mosaic Event Center on Nairn Avenue.

There will be Filipino bbq sticks and drinks inside for sale.

While we have the bikini contest and models inside.

Main sponsors are; Ray Duque Autocare and Waverley Mitsubishi

Additional sponsors; Motive Empire, Bomex Graphics, Napa (Ellice) and Creme Dela Essence and No Limits Car Club/PLAP

Models and team; Winnipeg JDM Ginyu Girls / Kbotfoto

Best Honda- Acura / Runner up
Best Nissan - Infinity / Runner up
Best Toyota - Lexus/ Runner up
Best Mitsubishi / Runner up
Best Subaru / Runner up
Best Hyundai / Runner up
Best Mazda / Runner up
Best Korean / Runner up
Best Euro / Runner up
Best Chevy / Runner up
Best Dodge / Runner up
Best Ford / Runner up
Best Truck / Runner up
Loudest Exhaust winner

Show will be RAIN or SHINE or SNOW

Vickar Nissan and in association with The Mitsubishi Club of Manitoba.

Present "Supercharged Sunday Carfest"  (i didnt name it..)

A chance to bring all auto enthusiasts, another opportunity to show your pride and joy off. With a chance to win a prize..or multiple prizes.
Now with Driven done, I'm sure people are still amped to win awards and just go to more car shows.

So here's...another one..

Registry will be:
$10 (all proceeds to charity)

Charity group involved will be:
Habitat for Humanity

Show will be:
Vickar Nissan on Regent Ave.
Aug 28th, 2016

Food trucks will be:
Kyu Grill

DJ will be:

James Falk

Entertainment will be:

Sponsors will be:
Vickar Nissan
Bomex Graphics

Prizes from:
Vickar Nissan
Dr Shine Auto Spa
Bomex Graphics
Speedfactor Racing

Supporting car clubs:
Mitsubishi Club of Manitoba
Unit 204 / JDMWinnipeg
Unrestricted Empire
No Limits Car club

Classes/Catergories will be:
People's Choice
Best Paint
Best Low Rider
Best Nissan
Most Classic Nissan
Best Honda
Best Toyota
Best Mitsubishi
Best Hyundai
Best Mazda
Best Subaru
Best Import
Best Chevrolet
Best Dodge
Best Mustang
Best Domestic
Best European
Best Stock/Original
Best Frankenstein Build

Models will be:

Keo necra
Aya Ilagan


Well, looks like I will be organizing another car show this year.
So info below. Still be updating when I get more info..

Vickar Nissan and in association with The Mitsubishi Club of Manitoba.

Present "Supercharged Sunday Carfest"

A chance to bring all auto enthusiasts, another opportunity to show your pride and joy off. With a chance to win a prize..or multiple prizes.

Registry will be:
$10 (all proceeds to charity)

Charity group involved will be:
Habitat for Humanity

Show will be:
Vickar Nissan on Regent Ave.
Aug 28th, 2016

MCs will be:
Jhay Regalado
Elaine Verri

Food trucks will be:
Kyu Grill

DJ will be:

Entertainment will be

Sponsors will be:
Vickar Nissan
Bomex Graphics
Speed Factor Racing
Dr.Shine Autospa

Supporting car clubs:
Mitsubishi Club of Manitoba

Classes/Catergories will be:

Models will be:
Keo necra
Aya Ilagan

Automotive Gallery / Jhay - Mitsubishi Evolution 5
« on: May 30, 2016, 10:59 PM »
Here's some pics from Sat, that @Faken did of my Evo.









So I had done a few things with the Mitsubishi Club of Manitoba last year.
And one of them was holding a Mitsubishi event last year on their dealership grounds.

They had a little car show which had awards, prizes and give away's.
This year they wanted to do it again, but make it bigger. So we decided might as well do a show for all makes and models and do it for a charity.

When: May 22, 2016 Sunday 1-7pm
Where: Waverley Mitsubishi
How much: $10 dollars and that whole 10 goes totally for The Children's Wish Foundation
Registration: None online. Will be done when you enter.
Food truck: KYU GRILL 3-5pm

- Prizes for Best and runner up; Honda, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Euro, Domestic, Mazda, Toyota...
- Some stuff from Speed Factor and Bomex Graphics
- Going to have some music and a band play

Awards for:

Best Honda
Runner up Honda

Best Nissan
Runner up Nissan

Best Subaru
Runner up Subaru

Best Toyota
Runner up Toyota

Best Euro
Runner up Euro

Best Mitsubishi
Runner up Mitsubishi

Best Lancer/Ralliart
Runner up Lancer/Ralliart

Best Evo
Runner up Evo

Best Mazda
Runner up Mazda

Best Domestic
Runner up Domestic


Off Topic / UFC/MMA
« on: November 15, 2015, 11:09 PM »
Well for those who have't caught up...




General Discussion / Winter or storage?
« on: September 16, 2015, 11:15 AM »
Well it's almost that dreaded time.

But some may possibly be changing it up this year...

Not me..

Winter storage for the Evo...she sleeps....outdoors under snow in a month :(

Automotive Gallery / Jhay''s 1998 Mitsubishi Evolution V GSR
« on: September 05, 2015, 01:19 AM »
My buddy who had done some fun shots of my BMW E34 years ago, asked to take shots of my Evo when I first got it.
I declined as I didn't think it was worthy enough yet, till it got find and lowered.

Finally did both, so I gave him a shout.
Did the shot late in the evening and limited time.

My first car photoshoot ever.
There were over 20 pics, but I'll post up 8.









Engine, Drivetrain and Exhaust / WTB: Intake cone filter
« on: September 01, 2015, 04:32 PM »
Looking to see, before buying new. If there was anyone selling or not using their cone filter and might want to get rid of it.

Pic for size of cone sizing I will need.

Engine & Transmission / Anyone Hydrolocked?
« on: August 23, 2015, 10:01 AM »
Anyone know of anyone who got water in their engine?

We had 1 guy with a Ralliart otw to the car show at Waverley Mits and he got hydrolocked..

Grant and Jack were able to help him out a bit..

Events Gallery / Mitsubishi Club of Manitoba's first meet event
« on: August 17, 2015, 01:20 AM »
Event took place at the Vickar Mitsubishi lot.
Then moved to Petland lot on Regent.
Great turn out..some came and went. Probably at least if everyone stayed probably close to 30.

Reminder that this was not a car show but just a meet with prizes to give away and a food truck. And a chance to meet other Mitsu owners.

Interior and Audio / WTB: Stereo deck
« on: August 13, 2015, 11:52 AM »
Looking for a deck for my Evo.
It has one right now but it runs on Mini Discs and Japanese radio stations.
So I'm stuck using a bluetooth receiver and using the radio to stream my music...ugh

Looking for

- single din...or single with a flip out
- usb
- prefer Alpine, Kenwood
- all wiring please

General Discussion / Shell Gas stations and lack of V-Power
« on: August 08, 2015, 03:56 PM »
Been frustrated over the past few days trying to fill up on gas.
Every time I end up at a new Shell, there's a sign saying no Silver or V-Power

Here are the current ones that are OUT!

Logan and Rt 90
St Marys and Bishop
Panet and Regent
Mountain and Salter
Scurfield and Kenaston
portage by moray
Henderson and Leighton
Portage near down town

I wonder whats happening..guess gotta do Husky for now.

Update: Was informed by a friend who works in the Shell Industry in Calgary. She said their Scotford plant near Edmonton, had an unplanned shutdown which is causing the shortage.

Brakes and Suspension / WTB: Coil over sleeves
« on: August 01, 2015, 09:10 PM »
Or if anyone can point me in the direction in where to find some for my Tanabe coils, for my Mitsubishi Evo.

Winnipeg HID / Back in business eta?
« on: July 25, 2015, 05:26 PM »
Wondering when the shop is open and ready for business.
Sure other's are wondering the same thing.

Need some work done on the Evo  :banana:

Protect Yourself / I saw the sign...
« on: July 21, 2015, 03:29 PM »
And it fell on my car.....=my poor Evo

I was driving towards a friends place to pick up some parts to work on the safety for my vehicle.

Driving down John Angus and there is I'm driving like 30 behind 2 other vehicles.
Next thing a sign falls on the right side of my car and gets dragged across the car.

I yell out WTF and 2 construction guys ahead of me look. I get out and check the damages.
1 guy comes up to me and asks what happened.
I just explained that I was just driving and the sign fell.

I then asked for a on site supervisor. The guy said he was the foreman of the company. I told him I will talk to him once I pull my car over to the side.
I go ahead and park it and then make my way back to him, he gets one of his guys to take pics of my car and fill out paper work. I check out what he wrote and added what else was done.

I am also currently on a temp permit but at full coverage. Deduct is 500.
All the damages were done on the right side of the car. It shows in all black.

The foreman did say something though while I was looking at the car.
He said "It's just strange, your car is so immaculate and then there's just this that happens...I don't understand."
I looked at him and said that I don't either. And yeah this did just happen and it's ****ty.

So I made the call and made an appointment which is in 2 days so that's not so bad. They asked if I thought it may have been the companies neglagence. I did say yes, due to the sign being only held with 1 sandbag.

A possibility was the car in front may have ran over the base of the sign and made it sway. Making it eventually fall.

But its a case Sublication...subligation claim right now...where I pay for repairs(deduct) and then they work on getting the claim from the company. So that kind of sucks.

Automotive Gallery / Just a random Evo meet
« on: July 06, 2015, 12:00 PM »

That's all

Evo V  Evo II  Evo VI

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