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Newbies / not so new but such a big phantom that i could pass for new
« on: November 13, 2015, 12:02 AM »
hey guys, I've been on the forum for a few years, but I've been a pretty big phantom and i actually check the forums quite often now lately so i figured i'd make a new post. also i have a new car now so why not!
so i'm Aaron in case you didn't know.
a bit about me:  i'm currently in school at the u of m hoping to attain a degree in finance. I work 3 part time jobs at golf town, scotiabank, and tip top tailors. i love golf and go as often as i can. I currently drive an E92 M3 with the license plate RATED M (I've been told i'm known as RATED M to most people)
current mods on the car are 5% tint all around, and a carbon fiber trunk lip on the back. haven't done too much to the car since i just got it in august also it eats most of my money so i don't have a ton of money to spend on upgrades. my future plans however are an exhaust and then way into the future a VF engineering supercharger kit.
i only have a few pictures on my computer but i'll post them anyways!

i'm going to try and make it out to some events over the winter and get to know some people, so looking forward to that!

Off Topic / Top Tier golf thread
« on: May 08, 2015, 10:20 AM »
Hey guy, since there's a couple threads dedicated to different activities I figured I'd make a golf thread. I go golfing pretty much any chance I get and in case there's anyone like me I figured this would be a good place to talk anything golf or to find some people to go with. I know I'm always looking for anyone who wants to go!

Hey guys Selling my pilot super sports with M3 rims. The tires were used for less than 5000 kms. Tread is next to new  I will post some pictures tonight. Any questions just ask!

Price: $350
Edit: there is just 2 tires not a full set)
Size: 225/45/18 
Rims: 18x8 5x120

If you do not want the rims I will have them removed!

hey guys, trying to sell my 2003 BMW M3,

kms: 155xxx
trans: 6 spd manual
color: silver
 accidents?: got rear ended in the summer, the bumper got scratched up so mpi replaced the bumper and called it a day, nothing major.

the car is in mint shape, i've never winter driven it and i also try to avoid rain as much as possible too. this summer, i replaced the tires and rims in the summer, tires are michelin pilot super sports and rims are VMR V703. i also replaced the sound system in the car (new speakers, amps, sub and deck). the tread on the tires are great since they just got installed in august. it also has a magnaflow catback exhaust i'm looking to get $17,500. recent work done to it includes an oil change (obviously), replaced the waterpump. also as of right now the right door actuator is not working (the door will unlock with the key but will not unlock with the key fob. i have a new actuator from bmw and will be installing it as soon as i pull the car out of the garage. 

here is the link to my kijiji ad

Reviews / Birchwood BMW
« on: August 16, 2014, 01:11 AM »
alright so i've amassed a couple of complaints since my many dealings with birchwood BMW. I spent all of last summer working there as a detailer. that is when i bought my M3 and they were very kind did give me a pretty good deal on it and even replaced all 4 tires even though only the back tires failed safety (the fronts were basically bald so they replaced them for me as well). however here is the start of my complaint....i purchased my car on June 17th and was told that it needed a couple things for safety(brake hoses, new license plate bracket, tires and some wipers) and it would take about 2 or 3 days for it to get it saftied. they also gave me the option for an extra $1500 to have the paint touched up in some places and for the tear in the back of the drivers seat to be replaced. so i opted for this and they said it would now take about a week to a week and half for everything to be completed....well 2 weeks rolls around and they said it still hasn't even been looked at at the body shop yet. it took another week for the body shop to finish up and then when we got it back to our dealership they tell me that it still isn't saftied and they actually have to order the parts because they haven't even done that yet. so i wait another 2 weeks and all they've done is changed the tires and wipers...... and then they tell me that it will be ready by the end of the week. so at this point i'm starting to get pretty pissed as i've already made my first monthly payment on the car and i haven't even gotten it yet. so then they tell me they're waiting on a new backing for the drivers seat and brake hoses........the brake hoses and seat backing took another 2 weeks and finally on july 30th i recieved my car. almost a month a a half later. and each week i asked i was always told "it will be ready for sure at the end of this week" i literally heard this 4 times

now fast forward a month and my door locks start acting up. when i pressed the unlock button on my key the doors would not unlock although they made a sound like they were trying to. so i tell the guys at work what's happening and they tell me it's most likely my actuators. so i tell them to order me some new actuators which they said will take 2-3 weeks to come in because they have to come from germany. well amazingly my door locks started working again during that time so when the actuators came in i paid for them and kept them at home incase the locks ever started acting up again. fast forward to 2 weeks ago and my locks start acting up again, i left it for a week to see if they would start working but they didn't so i brought them to a friend to get installed. then after he spends 3 hours ripping my door apart he finds out that BMW gave me actuators for a 4 door 325.........which brings us to now where i will be going in on monday and giving them a piece of my mind as well as demanding that they either install my new actuators for free or at least do it at a very discounted price since i now have to pay for the time that was spent ripping my door apart just to discover BMW gave me the wrong parts.

not sure if this is a review or just a rant but i thought this would be the best place to put it....but just to satisfy the Review category: i would give the parts department a solid 4/10 based off the incredible amount of time that was spent waiting for parts to come in that were only supposed to take about a week as well as giving me actuators for a 4 door E46 even though everyone that works there knows a drive an M3 not to mention they even asked me what year and model it was just to make sure.  however overall i would give the dealership a 8/10 cause everyone there is pretty awesome and great to deal with, just the parts department could use some improvement

Hey guys, i bought this turbo 2 summers ago and never actually used it. I bought it off another member on here who bought it for his car and didn't use it either. It's essentially just become a giant paper weight in my basement so i'd like to get rid of it. Now since a) i bought it 2 years ago, and b) i'm not great with turbos. I'm not really too sure of the specs on it. All i remember is that it's a GT 42 and some quick googling lead me to discover that apparently it's rated for 1000hp. I'm selling it for $900 (paid $1000) OBO. If you're interested or know anything about turbos and think you can help me find out the actualy specs then all help is welcome! I will be putting up pictures tomorrow but if you want to come check it out or if you're interested just pm me!

Wheels & Tires / Wheel size help!
« on: June 17, 2014, 01:23 PM »
alright guys i need help making up my mind. my original plan was to sell my current wheels and tires that i have now because i want to get some new rims (VMR V703). however i really wanted to get 19's (currently have 18's) because a lot of other M3's seem to have 19's and they look pretty nice. also it would give me the chance to get some wider front + rear tires. but here is my dillema, the only way i could get 19's is if i manage to sell my current wheels in order to pay for the new rubber. or i can just get the VMR's in 18" instead and maybe lower my car so that they look a little better. what do you guys think? wait and try to sell my tires to get 19's or should i get 18's and drop my car a little?

P.S here's my ad for my wheels incase anyone wants to buy them, it's a great deal!  ;D

***PRICE DROP + THE ADDITION OF AN EXTRA TIRE (no rim on this one)*****

Hey guys, selling the front wheels off my M3.

Price: $600 OBO

Rims: BMW M double spoke 18". 18 x 8"

There is plenty of tread left, i used these tires for about 3/4 of a summer (about 5000 kms)

center caps will not be included. neither will valve caps (they are ///M valve caps and i'm putting them on my new wheels)

hey guys, if anyone has pokemon emerald for gameboy advance and wants to sell it let me know! just PM what you want for it and we'll go from there!

Exterior & Interior / Carbon fiber painting
« on: September 29, 2013, 07:49 PM »
So i have a potentially stupid question for you guys. But does anybody know if you can paint over carbon fiber? For example lets say i buy a carbon fiber hood but i don't like the look of carbon fiber. Can i paint over it to match my car? Or would you wreck it by sanding it down because it's all fibers

Engine, Drivetrain and Exhaust / FS: Garrett GT42 Turbo
« on: September 16, 2013, 11:50 PM »
hey guys, i'm selling my Garrett GT42 turbo with a T6 flange. bought it last year and never used it, it's basically been sitting in my house as a paperweight doing nothing....more like a pillow-weight :lol: , but anyways, i'm asking $900 OBO. Pm if interested

Wheels and Tires / FS Michellin Pilot Super Sport 225/45 ZR 18 x1
« on: September 16, 2013, 11:19 PM »
hey guys, i'm selling one tire, michellin pilot super sport 225/45 zr 18. it has about 4000 kms on it, it has a hole in it but has been patched. I'm asking about $175 obo, this tire retails for $300.99 but since it has the patch i reduced the price. but still plenty of tread (only 4000 kms on it so obviously lol) had the tire since  the end of july. pm if interested, thanks!

Hey guys, i'm selling the rear tires off my M3 cause i got wider ones, these tires are next to new, no marks or anything like that with about 4,500 kms on them. I'm looking to get about $350 O.B.O for them. PM me or text me if interseted, thanks! And once again they're Michelin Pilot Super Sport's 255/40 ZR18

so i have a deck, 2 amps, sub, speakers, and a steering wheel control module to put in my car. just wondering if you guys have any suggestions or know anybody who can do it? i brought my last car to visions on pembina and i wasn't very impressed with their work. they left the headliner on my car hanging off just infront of the windshield when they were wiring the external mic that came with my deck. they broke various clips in my door panel and also cut holes in my door that didn't look too awesome either. the deck also kept shorting out when i first got it because they didn't install it properly and then somebody else that worked there had to do it if anyone knows a good place with trustworthy installers let me know!

Automotive Gallery / Aaron's 2003 M3
« on: July 09, 2013, 06:53 PM »
well guys this is it.....the moment i have dreamed since as long as i can remember, has finally arrived. i now own my very own E46 M3!! i bought it about 3 weeks ago and it has been undergoing body work and interior reconditioning so that it will be mint when i pick it up (i haven't taken delivery yet). i'm picking up the car after work tomorrow if all goes well. i have some pictures that i took of it when it was parked in the parking lot at the bodyshop while i was on my lunch break at work today. but more pictures are to come when i get it and for all the mods that i do to it! also keep in mind that some of these pictures are about 2 weeks old so they are when the car was only half done

Off Topic / Birchwood automotive group employees
« on: June 10, 2013, 09:39 PM »
just a thread to see who from top tier is all employed at the birchwood automotive group in pointe west. i see a lot of cool cars there every day, (an NSX, a skyline, and definitely another car can't recall the model but it had a top tier decal on the back.) so if you work at birchwood post here! we can all meet up at lunch sometime or something

to all you lefty guitar players out there (if there are any) i have a left handed epiphone les paul standard. it's a cherry sunburst, i've barely used it so it's still in mint condition. i don't really play it anymore so i figure i might as well get rid of it. i'm asking $350 OBO. if anybody wants pictures just pm me

Brakes & Suspension / 4 wheel alligent for a lowered car
« on: May 27, 2013, 07:38 PM »
Hey guys, i need to get a 4 wheel allignment on my car and i went and talked to my work (St.James Audi) and the service guy said they can't do it because my car is lowered. He said i'd need to take it to a performance shop. Just wondering if you guys know any places that you would reccommend. Thanks!

Newbies / i'm the new "new guy"
« on: May 26, 2013, 12:30 PM »
hey guys, i'm new here. I've heard a lot about this, also i was at the meet at dominos on friday and didn't see too many European cars there so i thought I'd join and expand the euro collection here.  My name is Aaron, and i drive a 1993 BMW 325IS, it's not much but it's my baby, and i love it, i try to my best to take as best care of it as i can.  I'm a big fan of all kinds of cars, especially BMW's. I've always wanted to find a group of people who love to cruise and share my enthusiasm for cars, and i think I've found it with this site so i'm pumped to get out, cruise, and meet all you guys. Cheers!

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