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Journals / How to accidentally build a race car
« on: December 28, 2017, 01:01 PM »
After over 4 years of building my evo the time to make a build journal has come. A quick back story on how the car got to where it is. December 15 2012 I decided to get myself a nice brand new daily driver. I was pumped to pick up my 2013 evo gsr and had small plans to mod it into a nice street car. Just a basic wheels and coils build with some bolt ons

Shortly after getting the car the bolt ons started. First up was a big order from ams. A full turbo back exhaust and intake got put on in early spring with the addition of a Cobb access port to handle the ecu.

Unfortunately we got to aggressive while tuning and a rod let go claiming the motor

At this point I decided to build the motor. The plan was to build a very basic rods and pistons 2l with a end goal of making 400whp down the road. The car got parked and I started saving. One day I found a used 4b11t on Kijiji. A quick road trip to red deer AB was made and I the build began. I tore down the new motor with hopes it would be all good to go.... I was wrong. I found a set of kelford cams (yay) but then found cracked ring lands (wtf this isnít a ej). Options where taken into consideration and budgets where forgotten. Some emails and calls got made and bamm. My block was on a truck to AMS in Chicago to get built. 5 weeks later it returned (crazy turn around time)

My new bottom end returned the original plan definitely got modified as I know had a darton sleeved block loaded with manley turbo tuff rods and je pistons all balanced to a comfortable 10k rpm... ya I know. This is overkill for 400whp goal.

Alright now is where things got stupid. I should have now put my car back together and enjoyed it... well that didnít happen. I couldnít bring myself to put this wild bottom end in to make full bolt ons evo power (350-380whp) instead things got stupid and risky financial decisions happened. Because whatís the easiest way to up the power on a evo that has a built bottom end. Well a turbo seemed like the answer and since my brain had completely left the decision making process a upgraded stock frame would no longer do. Another 5-8 week wait later a big box of awesome arrived with my new goal of 500whp (thanks ets)

The new turbo kit from ETS included there v band long runner manifold, a pte bb6262 and duel tial 38mm wastegates.  All the boxes got checked and the manifold and hot side of the turbo were ceramic coated. A ptp lava rock turbo blanket got thrown in and the larger 3.5Ē maf housing was added in with there 4Ē intake.

Now... one would think itís time to make some power. I was one of those people. But a last minute part out from a fellow evo friend put forth the opportunity to go another step further. Another road trip to Alberta was made and this time the parts haul was big.

The highlight of the trip was to get the port and polished head. It has upgraded springs and retainers and +1mm valves and a port and polish by kozmic in Texas. Some other cool parts I picked up was a ETS 4Ē intercooler. AMS fuel rail, FIC 1100cc injectors and a lightweight flywheel and clutch combo I never ended up using

It was time to put the motor together.

This was very rewarding. It finally felt like there was progress on getting my car back driving. I then ordered some more parts and was well on my way to finishing the build.

 I picked up a ark design twin disc to hold the new power levels. Ark design clutch = rebranded ORC

Finally I was now spending more time working on the car and less time spending money on it.

A couple more weekends spent on it and late nights and it was back in one piece

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Wheels & Tires / 275/35/18s for street and track
« on: April 08, 2016, 12:42 AM »
Since it's spring now and I never got around to researching tires all winter I'm looking for some help. I'm looking for 2 sets of 275s for my evo. One will be used for everyday/highway well the other set will be my streetishable track tires (as long as there DOT I'm open to them) trying to keep the track tires under $400 per tire. Car is not a daily

Pic because yay new wheels  :banana:

Wheels and Tires / Fs 18x8.5 BBS wheels (oem evo x)
« on: November 14, 2014, 02:51 PM »
As the title says have a set of 18x8.5 +38 BBS forged wheels wraped in 245/40/18 Yokohama advan's 70% tread left 1500$

Newbies / New to TTI
« on: July 29, 2014, 11:49 PM »
hi guys/gals im Tyler. ill keep my intro short and sweet. i have a 2013 EVO X that i picked up new and proceeded to blow up and then build over the last year and a half and am currently just breaking in the new motor. i went more track car focused with my build
some highlights of the build
~AMS darton sleeved 2.0l
~Kozmic motorsports ported and polished head (+1mm valves,ceramic coated chambers, Kelford 214-B cams)
~ETS v-band turbo kit (PTE 6262BB)
~Fortune Auto 510 coilovers (12k/12k swift springs with track valveing)
~whiteline front/rear 27mm sway bars
~and lots and lots that i wont bore with

aside from the machining work this car was built out at my parents farm (thank them millions for letting me take over there shop for 18 months) by me and the occasional buddy that would stop to lend a hand or just drink the beer.

aside from the evo i recently picked up a fr-s to daily (all stock still)  ???

thanks for letting me jion cant wait to get to more of the TTI meets   

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