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Wheels and Tires / LF: 5x100 wheels for 04 Forester XTI
« on: July 12, 2016, 12:54 AM »
Posting for a friend.

Need to buy it quick as he has a bubble on the side.

Price range $1 - $1,500.00 depending and make/model/condition

Anything from 16in - 18in. Nothing 19in or bigger though.

Am replacing the rad  and found some ATF in the old coolant. Wanna inspect the fluid inside the tranny and flush/replace it just to be safe.

Dunno if I wanna try to do this myself as ATF stinks and my garage isn't insulated yet.

I already drained as much as water as possible from the rad plug and also removed the rad hoses which drained a bit more water.

I'm worried about any left over water in the block freezing more as it gets colder and screwing up my block

The frost plug is still missing from the block, and my rad is leaking from the water that expanded in it.

Should I just plugged the hole and rad hoses and dump 50/50 mix into the swirl pot and hope for the best? I was thinking about maybe jerry rigging a blow gun from my compressor first.

Engine is an sr20det

So found out my truck has a 1-one remote start prolly installed by ol futureshop, but there's no remote.

Anyone have one laying around or know where I can get one or two?

The brain is model NS-1074

The remote model is NS124BK and ASTR-2545FM (from autostart twin) will also work.

my wife's genesis got rear ended and her rear fiberglass bumper got blown up into a million pieces. autopac will get her a new one but the shop that worked on it last spring says they wont do customer fiberglass work anymore.

the replacement bumper prolly will fit like crap just like the first one. it had to be widen like an inch to match the rear fenders

anyone got good recommendation for a shop that will do this (under mpi's dime of course) and can match the uber-hardest-to-match silver paint with metal flakes?

Engine & Transmission / frozen engine/rad aka im so screwed
« on: November 21, 2015, 01:30 AM »
so some of you may or may not know the frost plug went missing from the back of the head in the spring from my built sr20det inside my 180sx

being a lazy bum i just dumped water into it and moved it into my non-insulated garage while pissing the water out the frost plug hole in the back of the head all over the tranny,

well i got extra lazy and didnt insulate before this winter and now the water is frozen solid inside the swirl pot and the koyo rad. like no even slush its solid cant even stick a screw driver into it.

ive already accept the fact that my rad, hoses, and maybe even the whole block is garbage

anyways tomorrow when i get less angry and sober up im gonna throw some moving blankets/tarps over the hood and shove some 500w lights underneath the engine and also buy some heaters and hope it thaws it enough to melt the ice

then im gonna drain all the water and leave it till spring. i know its bad to leave a used engine with empty coolant passages but i think its better than leaving pure water inside to expand when it eventually gets colder and colder.

if this works im leaving it till spring and then im gonna pull the motor and check for cracks on the engine and rad. if it looks legit im gonna hammer a new plug into the back of the head and pretend this never happened

angry rant post is angry. i shoulda drained the stupid water last week before it went below zero.

anyways, anyone have any suggestions? or have an sr20det they can sell me in the spring? i shoulda kept my old leaking sr20det...

Wheels and Tires / LF: rims for 05 nissan frontier
« on: November 21, 2015, 01:22 AM »
i regret buying this truck cuz it has the stupidly rare bolt pattern of 6 x 4.5 aka 6x114.3 and it's so hard to find wheels for it.

anyways, whats out there? hopefully in 16 inch cuz i have 265/75r16.

i think my oem wheels are 16x8.5+30, 16x8+7 or a mix of the wide and offset. not 100% cuz this crap is so rare all the info online is hit and miss.

from the limited online research i've done looks like 05+ pathfinder, 05+ xterra, dakotas, durangos, vipers, and some hyundas suv's use the bolt pattern too.

lower the offset the better cuz 4x4 poke is awesome.

Off Topic / shop/garage heaters
« on: October 28, 2015, 12:11 PM »

Some of you might remember my noob thread about insulating my garage here:

Now I'm shopping for heaters for my garage. I want electric cuz i aint piping gas into it.

Its about 900 sqft triple (1 big double door and 1 small single door) garage with a smaller shop space attached to my house

I Was originally going to get 2 or 3 of those 220v/240v construction heaters and place em on the wall by each car bay and 1 in the shop space.

Was looking at this one from costco for $199.99. Looks like the same make and model that nedco and other electrical supply places sell for 500-700 bux.
princess auto also has something similar for only $169.99, with an enclosed motor (I'm told enclosed is good for safety)

Then someone told me to look into those ceiling mounted convection units.
Costco has em for $249.99
PA has one for only $99.99
PA also has this cooler looking propoint one for $149.99

Anyways just wanna know everyone's opinion or experience on these convection units. They are all rated at 5000watts so I assume the heat coming out will be the same as the construction heaters. Sounds like it would be nice to have the heat blown down directly onto me or the car I'm working on rather than waiting for the air to come from wall. I also think they look way nicer too and take up less space. The PA ones are super cheap too, I'd get 4 of em just because I can.

General Discussion / MPI and aftermarket bumpers
« on: September 08, 2015, 07:48 PM »
Hey life partners:

 So my wife's car got rear ended. She's okay, but the rear aftermarket bumper is in a million fibreglass pieces and probably cant be easily saved. Will MPI cover the cost to get a new one (900.00 USD purchase and shipping) to get us the same bumper, or will we have to pay the difference between a stock one and the aftermarket bumper? We also had to pay for extra labou to make it fit and line up properly so I'm guessing the new one will need the same.

Off Topic / 50 amp service on 8awg wire?
« on: May 28, 2015, 07:42 AM »
My electrician screwed up and only installed a 40amp breaker switch and 8awg wire to my cooktop. Douchebag charged me 300 bux for a 50amp service too.

He's now saying its no biggie to fix cuz all he has to be is pop the 40 amp switch off and then replace it with a 50 amp switch. When I told him my appliance installer said I needed 6awg or 4awg for 50 amps he replied that the installer is wrong and that new code allows for 8awg used for 50 Amps.

So is he right about 50 amps on 8awg or is he just trying to weasel out of replacing the 8awg with a 6awg or 4awg? Did I just get charged 300 bux for a 50 amp switch I coulda bought at rona for 50 bucks?

Off Topic / insulating a garage
« on: April 24, 2015, 01:33 PM »
How do I do this? Am complete noob.

Do I need to do electrical and lighting first?

Off Topic / I think somebody tried to steal my dog
« on: December 05, 2014, 09:32 PM »
Please see video

Good thing my dog is a champ and scared him off.

Anyone know this red cavalier/sunfire/neon sedan with a crappy sounding exhaust?

Off Topic / School me on owning and using a snowblower
« on: November 04, 2014, 10:03 PM »
After last year's full retard winter I bit the bullet and bought a snow blower.

I currently have a gravel driveway so I opted for a 2 stage.

I got a BNIB Murray 24 inch 2 stage with a 208cc Briggs engine.

Looking for some advice for a first time owner.

I already stocked up on 20L of 91 oct fuel from the costco gas bar. Dumped some stabilizer in it just in case.

Bought some of the fluid film stuff to cover everything to help prevent rust

Got a schweet cover for it too keep the rain/snow off

My first question is: Dafuq kinda oil should I use and where should I buy it? I have a bunch of Mobil 1 5W30 laying around, but iunno if the additives are safe. I don't mind buying new expensive oil if it means the engine will be happier.

Off Topic / How to rotate a shed? Maybe move it a couple feet too.
« on: November 01, 2014, 11:18 PM »
Hello again:

 My current house has a shed which is something like 8x8 feet or so big. I want to rotate it 90 degree and maybe also push it 2 feet in one direction.

 I think it's sitting on top of a cylinder blocks.

 Anyways, any advice on how to do this?

 Did some reading online and found some stuff about using floor jacks, 2x4's, and big honking pvc pipes. But that is more for people who are moving across and entire yard. I just want rotate mine and nudge it over a couple feet.

Off Topic / What do you do when your home builder screws up?
« on: October 26, 2014, 09:42 PM »
Long story short, the electrical company they subcontracted the work to put my fuse box in the wrong spot, as well as the exterior car plug.

I sent him and email about those two issues, and he's claiming those are the spots I told him to use, even though I have email records indicating otherwise.

What should I do? I think that tomorrow, I will contact the home builder and see what they say, but I have a feeling they will side with the electrician.

Off Topic / What's there to do in Calgary?
« on: October 05, 2014, 12:11 AM »
So might be road tripping to to cow town and wondering what are some cool things to do there that would interest me?  :banana:

I need a jumper/leader hose to go from my pressure washer to the hose reel. Must be 3/8 hose and 3/8 npt or Kracher ends on the hose. Preferably 4 feet long and made of rubber and not pvc.

General Discussion / Where to get Chromoly welded?
« on: July 17, 2014, 09:49 AM »
Hello Life Partners:

 I am maybe wanting to get some chromoly threaded tude adapters/bungs welded to a pair of Ikeya Formula lower control arms. I asked Dan and he said it's too deadly and can't do it. So anyone know of someone or a shop that can do it for me?

 These are the tube adapters/bungs that I am looking at.

 Reason for doing this:
 The current arms have bungs threaded for m14x2.00. Metric hardware is retardedly hard to find and expensive, plus I wanna goto a thicker threaded rod like 5/4 or 3/4 and I wanna make em longer for that boss track width.

- Alan

- Alan

Engine & Transmission / Tuning a built SR20DET in Winnipeg
« on: July 10, 2014, 07:41 PM »
Alright so here's the scoop.

Engine was rom-tuned on a dyno in Florida for their "pump gas". Their pump gas is like 3-7 pts higher than us so my car runs like crap on 91 shell and slightly less crap on 94 husky and overheats too after 30 mins of idle.

I think I need a de-re-tune for 91 oct.

Walls said they won't touch my car (or any import actually) even though everyone says they are the best Nissan tuners in MB.

I'm about to give up on have a local dyno tune and just get a Enthalpy mail order tune for 4 bills.

But before that, figure I'd see what other options people can recommend.

And heard negative things about Motion/SF when it comes to Nissans and detonation :(

I have a Power FC L-Jetro sitting around if that helps.

I wanna run the aem wideband and defi egt gauge and need the bungs welded on

The wideband needs to be welded to my exahust ~3 ft down from the turbo somewhere around the tranny tunnel

The egt bung needs to be welded on the #1 runner ~1 inch from the head. I also need to buy the bung which is 1/8" bsp/pt size NOT 1/8" npt.

I would weld these things myself with my ****ty fluxcore but I dont trust my craptacular welding skills.

Exterior / Fs: 4oz por15 gloss black
« on: October 19, 2013, 11:30 AM »
I have sealed six 4oz cans for sale of gloss black for sale

$10 each

Off Topic / 220v to garage
« on: September 22, 2013, 01:38 PM »
So been thinking about having this done so I can run a better compressor and welder.

Any one have this done? What was the cost? Any recommendations?

Safe to assume having two installed at once isn't that much more?

Got a quote of $950 from a builder but to me this sound hella high

Looking to have it done for the cheap cuz I'm Asian and I dun wanna disgrace my heritage.

Vehicle Part-out / Lots of parts for sale
« on: September 08, 2013, 01:07 PM »
Wife is making me sell my collection cuz we building a home

Most parts are for S13 sr20det redtop but a lot are universal.

Prices are OBO (especially if you buy multiple items) but low ballers will be ignored


Trust GReddy gen1 oil pan SR20DET $250


Brand new Delphi 535cc top feed injectors $130 Will come with injector clips with pigtails


Delphi 1000cc top feed injectors $150 Will come with injector clips with pigtails


Brand new 3 point Sparco harness. I have two. $100 for both.


Lower springs and rear struts S13 $40


SARD 550cc side feed injectors. One has small dent but doesn't affect spray pattern. $225


SARD fuel pressure regulator with barb fittings and oil filled gauge $150


SARD fuel pressure regulator with -AN fittings $150


Samco radiator hose with temp sensor fitting and reducer bushing S13 sr20det $110


Apexi PowerFC L-Jetro  S13 sr20det  $950


OEM rear suspension arms. Only one side pictured but I have all six. S13 $10 each.


HICAS power steering pump with bracket s13 sr20det $30.00


OS Giken twin plate clutch  S13, S14, S15 sr20det  $750.00


Brand new q45 mass air flow sensor $50.00


300ZX mass air flow sensor with pigtail $100.00


KOYO Radiator with Mishimoto cap $250.00


FAL Slim fans $225


JGY top feed fuel rail. Brand new one with barb fittings, one with -AN fittings. $100 each


HKS BOV Gen2 $200


HKS BOV flange booger welded to intercooler pipe $15


GREX oil filter relocation kit  S13 sr20det $190


BNIB -An fuel rail adapter $10


EVO-R titanium shift knob. A little worn. $40


HKS Step 1 In & Ex cams  S13 S14 S15 sr20det $250


HKS S272 In & Ex cams with HKS Adjustable Cam gears S13 S14 S15 sr20det $400


Garrett GT3071R .64 trim with 3" inlet
HKS manifold
Tomei elbow
HKS actuator
Circuit Sports SS lines
GT Drain Kit
Fits  S13 S14 S15 sr20det


S13 "chuki" SR20DET from my 1993 180sx.
100,000 kms when it was pulled (cuz I swapped to a Mazworx built motor)
Complete motorset comes with motor, tranny, turbo, intake

Exterior & Interior / Are all nissan seat bolts the same?
« on: August 15, 2013, 09:45 AM »
Started throwing my interior back together and found my driver side seat belt bolt is rusty along with the pointing hole to the point where I can't turn it in.

I'm gonna tape the hole, but I dont think I should touch the bolt for safety reasons

That said, if all the bolts are the same, I'm gonna visit bucks and grab some from their maxima/altima/sentra collection.

Exterior & Interior / Price of painting sideskirts
« on: August 13, 2013, 07:59 AM »
Went to Eastside Collision and they quoted me $750 for labour and materials just for painting the sideskirts, no install or anything. Does this seem extremely high?

This is the sideskirt in question:

And I just want it one solid color, not two tone like in the pic.

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