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As of right now it appears my car is being targeted for theft. Ill give you guys the full story and let me know what you think.

This has been reported as suspicious activity to police.
Here is a list in order of recent activitys.

1) Dec 26 - An SUV is parked outside of my house, as my gf and friend start to pull into my driveway SUV driver peels out hard.

2) Dec 29 - Neighbour sees a dark car parked in the same spot, as he approaches the car driver ducks down and takes off.

3) Jan 5 - I notice somone has opened my garbage storages which are behind my car. As i walk back there to close them i notice footprints going up my driveway all around my car, and right behind my car is a double bagged garbage bag that somebody dropped there which wasnt my neighbours or my tenant. Ill add my garbage can and recycling is in front of my car which makes even less sense why someone would walk past them and drop a garbage back at the very back.

4) today as i am playing video games i see a black cobalt ss parked in that same spot im watching the driver and he is consistently looking up at my car and down at his phone, also the car is full of guys wearing baseball hats. Now when i take a picture you can see his face he has covered it as he sees me take a picture they then take off.

Attached is a picture

Automotive Gallery / Twin to Single turbo transformation.
« on: August 22, 2017, 11:35 PM »

A few miscellaneous parts from my turbo swap on a 1993 JDM supra.
Intake and filter fits a twin turbo supra.
Phr intercooler piping greedy 3 row brand new and unused.
JDM 1st cat eliminator pipe I think?
Lots of extra clamps a v band and lots of silicone connectors and adaptors.
A 3inch JDM downpipe with flex that wouldn't fit my supra.

Engine & Transmission / Help on Turbo AR choice
« on: March 24, 2017, 11:05 PM »

Automotive Gallery / 2005 Acura RSX.
« on: January 16, 2017, 07:18 PM »
Just picked up this rsx for my winter beater. Cost me $2.500 with 112.000km on it. safetied.

Automotive Gallery / My 2jz Supra tt 6 speed
« on: November 22, 2016, 12:31 PM »
My Supra.

Journals / Toyota Supra
« on: July 09, 2016, 05:27 PM »
 After owning an unreliable domestic for 5 years, which was a Dodge neon srt4 with every bolt on you could buy,  which was so damn unreliable. I would literally try to baby it and something would break, even on the day i sold it the alternator fried as someone came to look at it, it literally drove me to find an actual reliable sports car and stay away from domestics at all costs.

I began my research and first tried to import a 1998 subaru sti ra, even with a good job and some good assests no bank would loan me money for a car that was so old and coming from a different country.

So i needed to figure something out. I came to the conclusion that i needed cash on hand and i needed the money within one year was my plan.

First i did research on different cars to see what that ultimate goal was, i was first looking into subarus and evos, but after more research i realized that they are somewhat limited on potential without strengthing the engine and trannys, people were saying how subaru engines dont respond that well to mods, you need a tune just to put on an intake? .

Next i looked into skylines my friend had a 1989 gtr and i almost bought it off him, talking more with him decided not too. Parts seem pretty expensive and harder to find.

I then looked into Supras i really liked the look the curves and it looks great from every angle, the cockpit is nice too,  also i was very impressed to see the potential of the engine without modifications needed and the strength of the trannys is so impressive. I came to my choice of car now how much will this cost me figured id need 20 to 25 grand which i was no where near.

And if i was getting a supra it had to be silver had to be 6 speed and had to be twin turbo.

Also had just purchased my house on may 10, which was the agreement between me and my gf, house first Supra second.

I contacted Brian at b pro auto and he said he has a project supra in silver his project car. That needed a little tlc and would fix it all for me for 23 grand, i told him i only had 20 grand so if he could fix the valve stem seals for me then id worry about the rest and take it. He agreed. Final cost was 19,600.00. And he covered the shipping cost because i hooked him up with a sale, my gfs dad had a bmw z3 being shipped as we negotiated on the final price.

Now the other flaws on the car were leaking power steering pump, cracked side skirt, cracked rear spat, rear shocks are worn, rear tints peeling,  paint is bad in some spots mainly front bumper is faded.

I waited about a month for the car to come from brians to winnipeg, i was out of town when it came, so my gfs dad went and got it for me and parked it in my driveway for when i got home.

Got home fired it up safetied the next day power steering pump fixed.

The car came with:
- Turbo timer
- HKS bov
- Greddy Profec boost controller
- 17 inch core racing rims
- TRD exhaust
- Aftermarket Intake
- Whifbitz 4inch 3 row BFMIC

My first plans for the car are a new wideband and a big single turbo, clear turn signals. Ill be cleaning up the faded jdm headlights too.

This will be a work in progress exterior stuff and dress up parts will come last.

Car is a 1994 Totota supra RZ

Newbies / Toyota Supra 2jz
« on: June 08, 2016, 07:38 PM »
New to the thread i just imported a 1994 Toyota supra 2jz twin turbo 6 speed.

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