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Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / FS: PS4 500GB
« on: June 08, 2017, 09:50 PM »
 have a ps4 for sale.

I no longer have time to use it and just collecting dust. I'm looking to get $300. Everything works. Comes with one controller. No games as I purchase all mine digitally unfortunately.

Picture in Kijiji ad.

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / FS: Xbox 360 250GB + Few Games
« on: April 08, 2017, 01:11 PM »
Im selling my xbox 360, comes with a few games.

Forza Horizon 2
Forza 4
Left 4 Dead 2
Few more games on HDD

Everything works. Just collecting dust.

$100 OBO

PM if interested

Detailing / CF Repair?
« on: July 16, 2016, 01:48 PM »
What's the best way to fix rock chips on carbon fibre...

- Wet sand
- Clear Coat
- 3000 grit sand
- Polish

Assuming this hasn't gotten to the fibres, just the clear.

Exterior / FS: APR Splitter 2004-2005 STI
« on: May 31, 2016, 06:58 PM »
Up for grabs is my APR splitter for a 2004-2005 BLOB Eye STI or WRX + Sti front splitter

Asking $175OBO, Retails for over $400USD, $500CDN

Actual Pictures:

Little dirty, Has been sitting around.

So bought it and realized I already had one on the car. Previous owner didn't anything and I didn't look under. So no need for it. Selling it for $25 less than what it'll cost you. And don't to need wait for shipping.


Interior and Audio / FS: Sparco Seat side mount 600W
« on: March 25, 2016, 09:52 PM »
I'm selling my seat side mounts, NEVER used, NEVER MOUNTED, NEVER TEST FITTED

Why am I selling? Didn't work my seats. Bought new ones, These been sitting in my basement for years. Very very very minor blemish on the bottom of the mounts. (won't see once installed, They'll be rubbing on the slider or base anyways)

Asking $125 CDN OBO, Retails for $140 USD + shipping + exchange + duty + wait time)

Product Info:

The Sparco side mounts are used for mounting Competition Sparco Seats. These need to be purchased when buying a Sparco Competition seat. They will bolt to the side of the seat and either bolt directly to the floor, or they can bolt to a seat base with or without the track set. 1 set includes 2 side mounts for installation for 1 seat.

Product Page:


Wheels and Tires / FS: Continental Extreme Contact DW | 245/40/17
« on: January 31, 2016, 05:48 PM »
I'm selling my Continental Extreme Contact DW, A set of 4

No patches, Roughly 3 seasons, (~60k KMs), Even wear, Never seen a curb. Always inflated at 40PSI One of the best summer tires on the max summer tires market. Just behind Pilot Super Sports. Tire wear is at 7/32, They're 10/32 brand new. ==== 3/32 worn since I've own them. ====

See for yourself.

They costed me $1000 all said and done. Looking for $525 (Top Tier pricing) Message me here.


Only pictures I have of them right now.

Debating on selling these. Has roughly 15k miles(24k KMs) on them. Has ISC coil sleeves wrapped since new. Not leaking or anything wrong with them. Potentially upgrading.

Rides amazing, stiffer but not rougher.

HiperMAX IV the new damper from HKS returns to the core of tuning, the street. Featuring an advanced shock absorption system, the MAX IV captures the bumps on the road to give a supple yet stable ride. MAX IV aims for a high level balance of comfort with sporty handling.

It's perfect for daily street drive with style and performance. You and your passenger can have a comfortable ride even with a low-down.

Single Tube Damper Design
Mono tube dampers allow for more accurate and stable control and adjustment of dampening. Lower ride height and centre of gravity gives a more stable ride.

Dust Boot
Protect the shaft from the flying stones.

PNE Coating
Using this special surface coating provides 5 times better durability over standard galvanising. This prevents build-up around the threads of the adjustment areas allowing for easier height adjustment.

M Shaft
With the new design of cylinder shaft since the HIPERMAX M-1, MAX IV increased the cylinder shaft size to have a firm damping even at a little stroke range because of the optimized oil pressure characteristic. We mainly adopted this to the rear damper that can have a better driving experience.

New Design Needle
Newly designed needle has been used to revise the very low speed and middle and high speed dampening which is key to a comfort ride.

Reduction of Unsprung Weight
In order to reduce unsprung weight, bracket, ride height adjusters and lock nuts are made from aluminium. (Not for all vehicles)

30 Step Damping Force Adjustment
30 levels of dampening adjustment allow fine tune adjustment for street or circuit.

Looking for $1000 OBO, Retails for over $1500 US Over $2500CDN after shipping, taxes, brokerage, exchange

Brakes and Suspension / FS: 1X Motul RBF600
« on: November 14, 2015, 06:18 PM »
Have an extra bottle of motul brake fluid. Unopen and factory sealed

Costed me $26 at speed factor.

Asking $20 Firm picked up (TTI special pricing)


The reason i'm selling it is I bought the wrong set. I didn't realized it was SAE/Imperial till I opened it and tried to find a right tap. The only things i've used on it was the 2 die's 5/16-18 and 3/8-16, Both worked for my needs. Other than that it's brand new.

It a hassle to return to Canadian tire from what i've heard. And from dealing with them in the past I believe it.


Retails for $80


If you get paid Friday, PM me on friday. If your homeboy can get it cheaper. Get it from your homeboy.

Unofficial Meets / Subaru "boxer" Meet APRIL 25 2015
« on: April 25, 2015, 10:26 AM »
Another subaru exclusive meet. Sorry. Not sorry. As long it has a boxer motor, you're welcome to come!

 6:30PM today at KP park at the rainbow stage parking lot.

A little cruise to lockport after.

Let it rumble!

Interior and Audio / Fs: Takata Eyebolts
« on: March 21, 2015, 03:03 PM »
I have 3 38MM and 2 22mm ones

38mm ones never been used, 22 has been test fitted. Comes with washer not in picture.

$5 - 38mm Each or $10 for all 3
$4 - 22mm Each or $6 for both

Or $15 for Everything.

PM me

Brakes and Suspension / SOLD: Whiteline Camber Bolts
« on: March 21, 2015, 02:59 PM »

They have been Installed or attempted to, before i realized they won't fit or work with my setup.

Car was never lowered on to the ground with them. They were only half way install on my coils haha.

I'm looking to get about $35

There $44 after the price conversion never mind shipping.

Adds about 1.75 degrees of camber.

Part number KCA414 (14mm kit)

PM if interested.

Interior and Audio / FS: Subaru 6 Speed Perrin SLIM shift knob
« on: October 29, 2014, 10:50 PM »
Comes with allen key to adjust height. This was intended for Subaru 6 Speeds.

Retail: $75 + Ship
Condition: 8/10 (Used for about a year and has a tiny scratch)

Hate to sell but bought another knob. No need for 2.  :lol:

$55 OBO

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / Fs: 2 like new couches
« on: June 10, 2014, 09:42 PM »
I've got 2 couches for sale,

Never been used, had been sat on briefly..

Just looking to clear out the basement, Getting ready for some renovation soon.

Got it listed on Kijiji for $750. For top tier guys. i'll take an $100 off, $650

$550 gets it!

I'm not sure what to really write down for this ad.. Haha It's a damn couch.

Pick up only!

Protect Yourself / traffic camera bi or uni directional?
« on: December 03, 2013, 07:33 PM »
I'm wondering if those pesky camera are bi or uni directional. (taking pictures from the rear and oncoming traffic)

I'm looking to sell my oil pressure/temp gauge.

I've decided to go with a different route.

Comes with everything and a second oil pressure sensor.

I'm looking to get $160, ~I paid 210 shipped. Only used for about 5000 KM's

Oil pressure sensor wasn't hooked up and still haven't. Both included are brand new. (Too big and I didn't feel like buying a relocation kit)

The connectors were never solder. Only just crimped. (I was test fitting and never got around to solder)


Pressure: 0-100 PSI (7 BAR)
Temp: 120-280 °F (49-138 °C)

Display in either PSI or BAR (Digital Display)
Program Low Oil Pressure Warning (Digital Display)
Change exterior LED as a fill bar or light a single indicating LED
Program exterior LED ranges vs. Color
Program unit of measure as °F or °C
Program Oil Temperature Warning (outer LED
KIT INCLUDES: Gauge (Black Faceplate, Black Bezel), Silver Bezel & White Faceplate, Program Cable (Serial), Thermistor, Pressure Sensor, Cable for Pressure Sensor, Quick Start Installation Guide (Full manual on CD), Software CD (LogWorks & LM Programmer)

Interior and Audio / FS: Sparco Side Mounts Brand New
« on: November 11, 2013, 06:58 PM »
I have a unused brand new sparco side mounts for sale

Reason for selling, Buying different side mounts for my seats.
Part Number 600w

Looking for $150

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / Fs:White Nexus 5, 32GB
« on: November 07, 2013, 09:30 PM »
I have open, but unused nexus 5. Still in the protective plastic cover the phone was originally in.

Was turn on for 5 minutes,

Changed my mind and decided to stick with my N4. I would like to get my money back. I will also throw in a free case $20 value.

Nothing wrong.


It costed me $464 after shipping and taxes. and about $20 with the case.
PM for pics

Not looking for trades. Pretty firm!

Some info on the device!

Ceramic Power button and volume rocker.
Improved camera(least from the old nexus 4)
Quad core 2.3ghz Snap Dragon 800
Wireless charging
Dual band Wifi
There’s plenty more we could have said about Android 4.4 KitKat and its features but there are enough thorough overviews online that you can look to for that. KitKat will of course show up on other Android devices, but what’s important here is that for the first time on Android, the device and the OS feel completely at one with each other.

The Nexus 5 may be let down by its camera and some on-paper spec deficiencies against its competition (that aren’t particularly noticeable in actual usage), but as an overall (Google) experience, it’s unrivalled on Android. If you can buy it at Google’s heavily discounted Play Store price in your country, it’s heartily recommended.

A phone like the Nexus 5 would get our blessing even at a higher price, but the fact that you can buy it for as low as $350 makes it that much sweeter. We can't point our finger at any one feature that was clearly the victim of cost-cutting, with battery life being the only possible exception. And even that's somewhat of an improvement over last year's Nexus 4. We love the high-res display, overall performance and the enhancements brought to us by Android KitKat. Most of the problems we saw in the Nexus 4 have been addressed here. All told, we can think of very few things we find fault with.

In addition, though, the Nexus 5 isn't just a really nice phone; it's also a welcome harbinger of where smartphones might be headed. That you can purchase a smartphone with such incredible specs for less than $400 -- without being forced into a contract in the process -- is a shot across the bow at manufacturers who sell similar devices for an additional $200 (at best). Whether or not it was the company's intent, Google is sending a message to smartphone makers that it's possible to make high-quality handsets without costing consumers the proverbial arm and leg. Now we just wait and see if that message will be warmly received.

Wanted / Wanted: Neodynium Magnets
« on: September 02, 2013, 08:02 PM »
Does anyone know where I can find them locally?

I'm looking to buy a few.


Wheels & Tires / Which wheels are these?
« on: August 24, 2013, 03:03 PM »

Pretty sure those are 16? 5x100

Not OZs, Weds TC105n, XXRs, Rotas. Stumped lol.

Wheels and Tires / FS: Fierce HP 235/40/17
« on: August 02, 2013, 10:38 PM »
I'm selling 2x Fierce HP tires. Even wear. They were off my STI. Still has bunch of life left. Has good grip. Slight wiggle doing 90 degree yield/merges at 60-70kph. I haven't gotten to squeal and I drive pretty aggressive time to time.

These came with my car. I have no clue how much they retail. From what my previous owner said, These are only been used for 2 seasons. Maybe 10k Miles.

If you like to live dangerously, I can also throw in the other 2. The other 2 has weaken sidewall. They can blow out. You've been warned!

:banana: :banana:I would like to get $100, obo :banana: :banana:

You can reach me, Via PM.

I also have some Potenza RE070 which you can use as burn out tires as they are 1mm? away from the wear bars lol. $25 for 2 (225/45/17)

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / Fs: Sealed: GoPro Hero 3 Silver
« on: July 10, 2013, 03:34 PM »
I have a sealed brand new gopro hero 3 silver for sale.

It been collecting dust in my room for like 2 months now.

I'm looking to get $390 for it. Slightly less than what it cost new. If this doesn't sell, I'll probably use it for myself.

Key Benefits

Wearable, mountable design
Immersive, wide angle capture of your favorite activities
Professional quality HD video & 11MP photos
Built-in Wi-Fi enables remote control via included Wi-Fi Remote or video preview and remote control on smartphones and tablets running the free GoPro App.
Rugged housing is waterproof to 197’/60M and captures sharp images above and below water
Compatible with all GoPro mounts for attaching to gear, body, helmets, vehicles and more
Compatible with LCD Touch BacPac™ and second generation Battery BacPac™
Backwards compatible with older generation BacPacs™
New advanced camera settings: Looping video, Manual White Balance control (in Protune mode only).
Key Specs

Professional 1080p 30 fps / 960p 48 fps / 720p 60 fps and more video capture
11MP photo capture with 10 fps burst
Wi-Fi Built-In
Wi-Fi Remote Compatible (sold separately)
GoPro App Compatible (FREE)
197’/ 60m Waterproof Housing*
Assorted mounts and hardware included for attaching to helmets, gear and more

I don't need to list everything on the brochure here. I'm sure if you are looking to buy you already know what it includes and what it is capable of.

I am selling the GoPro Hero 3 Silver. That is all. No memory card or suction cup. :unamused:

Off Topic / New York Times: The End of Car Culture
« on: July 01, 2013, 01:46 PM »

I personally don't believe this. Car culture will never die. It always evolving. A good majority of this group(tti) is in the 18-25 category. A majority of my friends own cars and got their license at 16.

I don't think that kids aren't interested. It's the price of owning a car, Gas prices, car prices and maintenance plays a major price in if you can afford the car or not. And the fact is many simply can't afford it or the space to park a second car.

Many kids now a days I feel that was targeted in the article are the one who don't really care if they own a car or not. They are just used to the fact they have to take public transportation to get anywhere. If I can get to point a to point b like I would if I bought a car what's the point. It's cheaper and faster(in some places). Why spend 10 to 20 thousand of dollar for something to do something I already for a lot less? There isn't much incentive to own a car. All new eco cars now are so boring to drive it's stupid. No one really wants to spend money on a old car. especially if you aren't a car person. You just think it's old, boring and will probably break down half way to your commute.

Winnipeg car scene is different, there isn't much you can do here other than build a car here to be honest. Whether it a big ol muscle car or a straight up show car import. Although the city is slowly making down town more safer, more things to do at nights and so on.

Our club alone has over 200 car's and enthusiast dying to see what each other did to their own cars.

So is it really dying or just phase of boring beige cars that get 70mpg?

Off Topic / Shell - Which station do you fill up at?
« on: June 05, 2013, 03:59 AM »
I'm sure a majority of you guys fill up at shell.

I'm wondering which station to avoid and which station to fill up at?

Is the one at fermor and lakewood fine?

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