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Newbies / New to the forum and hoping to learn
« on: May 21, 2017, 04:33 PM »
Good afternoon all, audio has long been a passion of mine and as of late that has extended into automobile audio. I have a 2000 Chev Malibu that has a Pioneer AVH-X7800BT Head Unit, Focal 690AC rears, Illusion Audio Luccent L5 6.25 component kit for front and tweeters in the windshield "A" arms. Two amps, one mono for the sub and a digital 4 channel for the rest, both are 1000 watt units, I believe..
The sub is a ???, dam been so long, it is a 8 inch driver that provides nice tight, clean bass to enhance the rest of the music. I use primarily .flac recordings from a couple of 64 gb flash drives.
I am replacing the 2000 Malibu with a 2008 Malibu, which is one of the reasons I have searched out and reigistered at TopTier.
I am looking to get the system moved from one to the other and am researching, looking for guidance, suggestions, who can, would or should do the work?
Or can I tackle it?  :-\
Thanks for reading...

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