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Hey folks,

Hoping to sell my Subaru. Its a 2001 twin turbo JDM Wagon with 119000 kms on it. Its an automatic transmission with sport shift option. It has leather interior. Its on x-ice winter tires that were bought this year. I am selling it because I am hoping to import a van (we want the extra space for camping gear and our kids.)

Recent work: New brakes (June 2017)
                    Regular oil changes and always premium gas
                    New Head Gasket and timing belt pulley (October 2017)
                    New Winter tires
                    Fresh Manitoba safety (required a couple new lightbulbs) (January 12,2018)

So within the last 6 months I have been hit twice by different people. Both times they backed into my bumper, the first time the front and the second time the back. I was not at fault for either accident, and was actually parked for both. I have a letter from MPI stating such. So! I have a new front bumper and a repaired rear bumper. They look great, and that was all the damage done to the vehicle. There is a small dent in the rear which came with the car when I imported it, and that is the only spot where any rust can be seen.


For more information:

Text: 204-869-1716
Phone: 204-979-6285

I will be posting a link to a video walk around I did, Im just having issues with the import at the moment. (the import of the file...not the Subaru.)

Hey, so admittedly I know next to nothing about all this, so forgive me if Im asking things that are "common knowledge.."

I was hoping to safety and sell my subaru this week but was told that it couldn't pass safety because aside from the DRL's and headlights, all of my light fixtures are not DOT certified and therefore not legal in MB. Without a sister model of car (mine is a legacy wagon blitzen edition,) I am left without an option to swap from a junkyard or something. Essentially, I'm stuck with a car that my family seems to be fast outgrowing.


1) Is all of this legitimate? I got my car registered using its original B.C safety last June, so I guess something has changed since then?
2) Is there someone/somewhere I can talk to about getting new lights for my car?
3) Am I S.O.L?
4) HOW am I ever going to import an Elgrand now??!?!?


Looking to upgrade the size of my ride and hoping to make it an alphard or elgrand. Probably won't happen for about another year, but I want to know if anyone knows a mechanic in Winnipeg who will actually look at either of these engines? I think they both have engines that are the equivalent to other north american models...?

Newbies / Newbie Intro
« on: December 28, 2017, 07:06 PM »

My name is Zakk, from Winnipeg. I drive a 2001 Subaru Legacy Wagon, twin turbo Blitzen Edition. I picked it up from Vancouver this summer.

I've joined top tier imports because I'm looking to get another JDM vehicle for my growing family and want to make sure I make an informed decision. Im not super well versed in car mechanics, but would like to learn a thing or two.

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