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Warrantied my Lifeproof case last week due to some minor issues, received the new case on Wednesday.

I performed the water test as instructed, and it failed miserably, within 5 minutes the case was half full of water.

I just called Lifeproof to exchange this one, and they told me just to keep it and do whatever I want with it, So I'm going to sell it.

Retails in Winnipeg for $99 from Telus (Where I originally bought it), comes out to $112.99 with tax.

Case still works, it just isn't waterproof. I believe it's leaking by the chargeport. Should still keep out dirt/dust as well as protect it from drops.

Will come with the Lifeproof screw-in headphone adapter.

Asking $60

For Sale/Wanted / FS: 1994 BMW K 75
« on: May 15, 2017, 12:41 AM »
Posting this for my stepdad.

He's selling his 1994 BMW K 75 (750CC)

Selling due to being hard for him to ride it anymore.

I believe the safety is still valid. Just had the seat redone.

Pics and price in Kijiji ad.

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / FS: 21" LG LCD Monitor
« on: May 02, 2017, 03:39 PM »
Selling my monitor that I picked up in August of 2016.

Bought this when I bought my computer. Hasn't been moved around or anything since then.

Works perfect, no dead pixels.

Doesn't come with a DVI cable, but can throw one in for $10.

Full specs,etc on links below

Paid $129.99

Asking $80.

Will deliver.

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / FS: 26 of Crown Royal - Apple
« on: April 13, 2017, 12:14 AM »
Received this as a birthday present in July.

I don't drink often, and I prefer beer.

It's unopened, untouched, etc. It hasn't moved since I put it on my shelf.

MLCC lists it for $28.99 plus tax, I'll sell it for $20

Wont sell to anyone under 18, if I don't know you I might ask to see ID.

Car Shows & Other Events / SK Drifting Events
« on: January 23, 2017, 05:35 PM »
Kyle Zimmer, who has the blue-ish R32 that usually comes out to the Gonzo Drift Demos posted this list on Facebook the other day...

March 4-5 • Winter Festival (Fort Qu'appelle (Ice drift))

May 14 • Spring Matsuri (kingspark speedway)

June 4 • Drift day (kingspark speedway)

July 15-16 • DRIFT WARS (kingspark speedway)

Aug 12 • Mid summer drift bash (kingspark speedway)
Sep 9 • Drift Day (kingspark speedway)

Oct 15 • Pumpkin Bash (kingspark speedway)

Also want to throw a quick shout out to some of the 2017 sponsors of drifting! Odd Man Out Performance, EXCEED Automotive Specialties, Mercenary Auto Care, Dodologic, Prairie Street Performance

Kingspark Speedway is about a 20-30-ish minute (we did get a bit lost...) from our hotel which was within spitting distance of the hotel everyone stayed at when we went to Regina for Summerbash in 2015.

Last summer Igor and myself went out for the TTI/Drop Dead Drift event "SlideShow", and it was a hell of a good time, it was also pretty damn cheap. We split the hotel and gas, and it was around $180 each IIRC for two nights.

Essentially, I'm just posting this list to bring some awareness to the events out there, so people can start thinking about it early and hopefully something can be arranged this summer to head out there again. I'd really like to check out the Drift Wars weekend.

If I'm stepping on any feet, please let me know, or just delete the thread.

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / TW: DeWalt 20V XR Tools.
« on: November 07, 2016, 11:39 PM »
I'm selling off all of my Dewalt 20V XR (Extreme Runtime) tools because I want to get Milwaukee M18 Fuel stuff for a couple different reasons.

All tools work perfect, all batteries hold awesome charges - It takes FOREVER to kill my batteries.

I'd prefer to sell everything together since I'd have to replace it the same day.

First up is my baby, Dewalt DCF886B 20V XR 1/4" Impact.
Full Specs -
Purchased from Prime Fasteners last June for $190ish (receipt is gone, was given to my tax asshole for deductions)

Dewalt DCD995 20V XR Hammerdrill
Full Specs -
Purchased in June/July of THIS year from Prime Fasteners/Anchor Products (Can't remember) for $290 (incl tax) for the kit. (Roughly $220 bare tool)
This thing is pretty damn awesome. Largest hole I've drilled in concrete with it was 1/4"x1" for alex clips, and it was in brick (not poured concrete) so the hammer clutch isn't dicked.

Dewalt DCL040 Flashlight -
This thing is a life saver, pretty damn bright considering it was only $60-$70.

As for batteries:

2x 2Ah 20V Max Batteries -
These came with my original drill that I sold earlier this year, still zero issues with them as far as holding a charge goes, I've never completely killed my batteries either
2x 4Ah 20V Max Batteries (Pretty sure they're 4Ah, will confirm tomorrow) - For some reason Dewalt doesn't list the 4Ah batteries separately on their website, so here's the 5Ah batteries for comparison -
Purchased from Prime Fasteners in Fall of 2015 for $150

Comes with a single slot 20V (Not 12V/20V) charger. No issues, no cuts or anything on the cord, always kept neatly wrapped up when not in use. (No pictures on DeWalt's site)

That's the closest kit that Home Depot sells to the stuff I have, IIRC my hammerdrill is a new/updated version.

Obviously I use these tools to earn a living, so they're not minty fresh and bright yellow still, but I take good care of my stuff so they function 100% properly with zero issues at all, but I will gladly clean them up (and remove where I have written my name/number on them) for the buyer.

Asking $500 for everything, will deliver.

Will take pictures for potential buyers.

Protect Yourself / Perimeter Highway Speed Limits
« on: September 28, 2016, 09:13 PM »
For those of us who frequently travel the perimeter highway to/from work, you probably think the 80 zones around traffic lights/intersections are dumb (I do, especially if I'm in a rush), but word of caution, since there has been so many accidents around Pipeline Rd, RCMP has been ticketing people for blowing through that 80 zone, I've seen them pull people over on my way home from my shop.

Stay safe folks, and keep money in your pockets! Watch those 80 zones!

Bought this keyboard and mouse combo (mainly because it was cheap, and I was already way over what I wanted to spend) when I picked up my whole new system thinking my old G9x (which I LOVE) wouldn't work with Win10.

I've used it not for about 4 hours, and I prefer my old mouse to the one it came with. So, I plan to keep using my trusty mouse, and to pick up a new Steelseries or Logitech keyboard.

Perfect Condition, No spills (drinks,food,bodily fluids,etc). No scratches, wear, etc. It's mint.

My loss is your gain.

Retails for $44.99 from Memory Express -

Looking for $30, and I'm pretty firm on this. There's also a $10 mail in rebate you can apply for, which I haven't done yet. If someone buy's this soon I won't send in for it.

Will deliver inside the city.

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / LTB: Flex Bit (any length)
« on: September 05, 2016, 07:13 PM »
As title states I'm looking to borrow a flex bit for wood as I'm going to be installing a data box in a wall in my house.

Length doesn't matter, and as long as it's 1/4" or larger it will work (might be able to make smaller work too) since its only 2 pieces of cat5e.

Id pickup, and deliver it when I'm done.

Can also pay you to rent it.

Unofficial Meets / WTAC 2017
« on: August 29, 2016, 10:35 PM »
I'm making this post extremely early (to put it in perspective, the 2016 event is in October).

I really want to hit up a World Time Attack Challenge ( event, and I'm hoping to organize a TTI trip out there.

Here's where it gets difficult and costly. Since 2010 they've been held in Sydney, Australia.

No details have obviously been released for the 2017 season, but I'm guessing it would be held in October as well.

Another option is the Global Time Attack ( which has a couple races each year, from what I'm lead to believe theyre held at Road Atlanta and Buttonwillow in California.

I think that if I'm going to hop a plane to go watch some time attack, I should go to the bigger event, especially if I've got the time to save up.

I'm more than certain everyone at one point or another has seen some clips of time attack, and the level of builds involved.

Pretty much this is just a post to see who would be interested, there would be no booking of flights or hotels until spring/summer or whenever the event details are posted.

Unofficial Meets / Halfmoon - Fri Sept 2nd
« on: August 24, 2016, 04:42 PM »
Halfmoon time  :zwirly:

Meet at the southern part of the Sobeys parking lot on North Main for 630

Roll out for 7

Come get your ice cream lieutenant Dan

Lieutenant Dan, ice creeeeeam

Off Topic / The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride
« on: August 24, 2016, 04:37 PM »
My father is participating in The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride (similar to Ride for Dad) which is raising money for prostate cancer and male mental health.

On Sunday the 25th of September, I’m going to don my finest attire and join men and women across the globe in the 2016 Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride to find a cure for Prostate Cancer and to help Men’s Mental Health. Over 1,300 men a day die of prostate cancer worldwide, and it’s time for that to end. Your donation will help The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride reach its goal of $US5 Million to fund research into a cure for a disease that claims far too many gentlemen each year.

This is the best dressed way to fight prostate cancer and help improve men’s mental health – cheers and thank you!

This is kind of important to me as someone close to me is currently defending their 2 time prostate cancer survivor title.

If you've got a couple extra bucks kicking around, or just feeling like sharing this with people you know, here's the link.

Thanks! :)

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / FS: BNIB Fitbit Charge
« on: August 09, 2016, 08:03 PM »
Selling a Fitbit I won at a social Saturday since I have no interest in using it, and its unwise for me to wear any sort of watch at work. It's completely brand new in its sealed box.

It's a Fitbit Charge, Size Large and Black. has them listen for $199.99 + tax

Asking $150
I accept e-transfers. (You'd send me the transfer without giving me the password before we meet up, then when we meet we exchange password and goods)

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / FS: GoodLife Merch.
« on: August 07, 2016, 12:40 PM »
I won a raffle prize at a social last night.

Came with two bags, two shirts (large), and two water bottles and a Fitbit that I might sell.

One bag is already claimed.

So, I'm selling one gym bag, two red aluminum GoodLife water bottles, and the two red GoodLife shirts for $20.

Everything is brand new, I took the bag out of its wrapper to look at it but that's about it.

Pickup only please since I don't have a car :'(

General Discussion / Looking for witness
« on: July 19, 2016, 10:29 AM »
A lady cut me off because she left my lane, then back into it due to a parked car and then slammed on the brakes which caused me to rear end her.

Eastbound Portage and Wytewold just before 8 am.

No one stopped obviously.

Off Topic / Winnipeg Rental Agencies
« on: July 05, 2016, 10:59 PM »
I'm looking to move out this fall/winter (hopefully).

I don't know anything about which apartments, or rental agencies are good or bad.

I googled Winpark Dorchester since my friends live in one of their buildings, and what popped up wasn't good, so I think I'll be avoiding them.

I'm not 100% sure how much rent I could afford since I just got my raise this week and don't know what my pay cheques will look like. So far I'm looking at one bedroom places, but preferable I'd like to find a roommate since it would be cheaper. I'd probably spent 5-6 hundred if I was sharing a place, and 9-1k if I was by myself, if that makes a difference.

I also do not want a 3 story walk-up because my tool bag weighs a lot and is constantly getting heavier. Heated parking would be sweet too.

Any insight, or tips would be greatly appreciated.

Or, if you're looking for a roommate, hit me up if you won't harvest my organs.

As title states I've got two batteries and a charger for sale.
Brand new, never used.

Reason for selling is i bought a hammerdrill kit cause it was a bloody steal and I just need the tool.

$100 firm. Will deliver inside Wpg

Exterior & Interior / Removing surface rust from rock chips
« on: June 11, 2016, 05:30 PM »
As the title states I'm looking for a (hopefully cheap) method of removing some surface rust from my hood that was causes my stone chips. I'd rather not have to get my hood refinished.

It's not terrible, but I'm worried that I don't do anything about it that it will get worse.

There's also a sizeable stone chip that caused my paint to flake a bit due to washing my car. :(

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / FS: iPhone 6 Plus - 16 GB - Grey
« on: June 07, 2016, 10:05 AM »
Posting for a friend.

-Like new condition
-16 gig hard-drive
-No damage
-Charger included in box
-Locked to Telus ( $50 to unlock it )
-No previous owners (purchased at telus store)

Price: $550 OBO

He had it in a Life proof case the entire time he owned it.
Hes selling because he switched to a GS7.

No trades, no lowballs.

Unofficial Meets / I really like Halfmoon - June 10th, 2016
« on: May 26, 2016, 03:16 PM »
I want to organize another halfmoon cruise/supperclub because I find them quite fun  :banana:

Fri, June 10th - Weather Pending
Where - Meet @ Sobey's on North Main at 7, Roll out around 7:30
Main, River Road, etc

Usual rules apply.

If that time doesn't work for a lot of people, I can always change it. I decided to make it a bit later than last time since some people were having to rush over there after work.

When I'm out of school I'd like to do a Hot-N-Ready Meet/Assiniboine Park meet (frisbee/footballs/etc) as well if there's any interest. Also a Falcon Lake/Kenora Cruise :D

1) Vince

Unofficial Meets / Halfmoon Cruise - Another Attempt - May 6th
« on: April 29, 2016, 06:46 PM »
Gonna try this yet again.. 3rd times the charm, right?  :alien:

Friday, May 6th
Meet at Sobey's on N.Main at 630
Leave at 7
Main Street to River Road etc

1) Vince

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / FS: Campagnolo Atlanta 1996 Wheels
« on: April 21, 2016, 10:34 PM »
Posting for my Dad.

He wants to sell a set of wheels from his road bike since he hasn't used them in a couple years. They've been stored in Campagnolo bags to keep them in good shape.

He's looking for $700 o.b.o

More pics available upon request.

My dad got an iPhone 6s, so he's selling his 5S. 16 GB model.

Comes with a Spigen Slim Tough case.

Asking $250.

Will update with pictures later on today.

Never abused or jailbroken. My Dad takes good care of his stuff.

Selling my copy of the 2012 CEC, 22nd Edition.

Reason for selling as my copy is no longer current and has been replaced by the 2015 version, which I need to buy in the next 2 weeks.

PLEASE NOTE: There are a couple changes between the 2015 version and the 2012 version. If you intend on using this you should familiarize yourself with the changes.

That being said, this copy is still excellent for referencing a lot of things. Here's the first link that came up when I searched for the changes:

The condition is 8/10 is because my full name is written on the front page, and my initials on the top and bottom on the outside of the pages... Except I somehow forgot my initials so one side just says "VAMC" instead of "VADMC". There are also a couple of pages that have pencil parks on them, such as dashes, or arrows that point to important tables/diagrams/rules/etc. I believe there is one page that is slightly ripped.

Currently $110 on
Asking $50

Will deliver anywhere in the city.

Unofficial Meets / #Supperclub - Halfmoon
« on: March 20, 2016, 07:19 PM »
It's going to be +3 this Friday. Just warm enough for a cruise out to Halfmoon!

When: Fri, Mar 25th
Where: Meet at Shoppers on north Main (beside Tim's) at 6:30 pm. Roll out around 7:00 pm

Don't be afraid to bring your winter beaters!

1) Vince

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