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Off Topic / Next Level Escapes - New Business
« on: September 26, 2017, 10:45 AM »
Hey Guys,

I'm excited to let you know that I've finally opened my business, Next Level Escapes.

Our first room is The Saloon.

In the wild west, you must take back your town's stolen bank reserves before a high-noon standoff.

I'd really appreciate your support in spreading the word and coming out. You can like us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

And to top it off, I'd like to offer TTI peeps a 20% discount - just use discount code TOPTIER when making your booking!

I hope to see you there.

Exterior / Stolen: Nissan Skyline R32 Projector Headlights
« on: October 20, 2016, 12:11 PM »
I had a set of headlights I was going to put on my skyline before selling it in the states. Stock R32 projectors.

Someone broke into my garage last night and sole some tools, but that is the most unique and expensive thing that they stole.

I have more pictures than this to verify their authenticity.

If you have any leads, give me or the police a shout.

Cars for Sale/Wanted/Trade / FS: 1988 Lincoln Town Car
« on: August 31, 2016, 08:03 PM »
I am putting out feelers to sell my grandmother-in-law's car.

1988 Lincoln Town Car
148,373 km and not rising - car is garage kept and not currently driven.
Dark blue exterior / interior
Automatic Transmission

Contact me via PM, dgravenor on gmail or by cell at 204-899-bike

$5,000 obo - I think this is average for this km / condition based on what I could sleuth.

Not currently safetied, but highly doubt anything would be needed.

The car has not been in any accidents and no modifications have been done to it.

It has a full power group including power seats, mirrors, windows, antenna, trunk lid closing, keyless entry (via keypad on door), etc.

There are a couple spots of rust around the rear wheel wells, but no holes. There is a small amount of damage to the driver's left arm rest.

This is a one-owner car and all maintenance has been done at Parkside Ford, including a brand new battery last year. Records of bill of sale and all maintenance have been meticulously kept.

I took the car for a drive today and it drove great. Didn't see any recent oil drips on their garage pad. Driven less than 1,000km per year.

My brother's 98 JDM Subaru Forester s/tb's transmission is likely done. Could have been from when he had an accident. I have a parts forester with another 4eat, and I'm wondering if there's anyone who would like to tackle it? The transmission shop quoted $4,000 to rebuild or $700 to swap, if I had a spare transmission to do it.

My brother doesn't have a lot of cash, but we're definitely willing to pay to have it done. I'd also be willing to donate the engine out of the USDM forester parts car (EJ25D) which was running when I bought it, in partial trade. Just wondering if there's anyone out there that's interested.

Misc Parts / LF: 1157 Bulb socket & harness
« on: August 04, 2016, 09:35 AM »
I'm wondering if anyone knows what car might have 1157 bulb / harnesses?

I bought a pair of these for my forester, but they're taking their sweet ass time getting here.

I just thought there might be another car that has a similar setup, and was wondering if anyone knew off the top of their head what car might have them, so I could maybe grab a set from a wrecker or something?

Wheels and Tires / WTBorrow: Forester 5x100 wheels w/tires
« on: July 25, 2016, 09:30 AM »
Anyone have a set of forester wheels with tires that I could borrow?

I need to get my forester safetied and the tires that came on the wheels don't have DOT stamps on them.

@AA_ron @kin.fxt

Bought these for my car and ended up selling it soon after. Only about 500km on them.

Wheels are in great shape; Tires have had 2 autox events and one hot lap session at Gimli.

Fast FC04 17x8 5x100 +35 Has hubcentric rings for audi / subaru. They are flow-form forged and very light (~17.7lbs listed online).

Bridgestone Potenza RE-71R tires. 235/45. Still plenty of tread left.

The set cost me $1550, looking for $1350. Comes with lug bolts for Audi / Volkswagen.

Fits: Audi TT / Volkswagen mk4 / Subaru WRX STi Forester, and some toyota I believe.

Edit: Image wasn't working

General Discussion / Websites Hacked - Check your passwords
« on: June 15, 2016, 03:50 PM »

Visitors to many popular car, sports and tech websites including VWVortex, The Truth About Cars, Pirate 4x4, Focus Fanatics, EvoXForums, and AutoGuide should change their passwords ASAP, reports ZDNet. 45 million accounts hosted on VerticalScope’s 1,100 sites have been compromised by hackers.

I have to change mine on VWVortex.

Useful to know, as hackers are more easily able to build password databases off these breaches, and if they want to target you based off your email address and password (if you use the same password on multiple sites) they now can.

Great time to switch to a password manager like LastPass, Dashlane or 1password....


2000 Audi TT Coupe Quattro 225

97,600 km, silver with a 6-speed manual transmission.

Contact me here, by phone at 204-899-2453 or dgravenor on gmail.


Fresh safety.

Has the half-leather audi sport heated seats, auto climate control, xenon headlights. It still has the cd changer, but I've replaced the headunit. It still has the factory first-aid kit, the hazard triangle, spare tire and tools.

It has a clean title, no accidents, no bodywork.

The car is basically stock, except:

Revo Stage 1 tune (to about 280 hp / tq) ($600 done at Speed Factor)
Revo SPS to switch between stock and 91 / stage 1 tune ($250)
Audi 710N Diverter valve
Fast FC04 17x8 wheels with 235/45 Bridgestone Potenza RE071R tires ($1500). Used for two AutoX sessions and one day at HPDE.
* I may sell the wheels to a friend, in which case I will update the ad, and include the 19" Work Schwert SC2 wheels that came with the car.

Timing belt, water pump, coolant were just replaced by a mechanic ($1400).

I might have fractured my hand and am taking it easy, otherwise I would have also installed these parts I bought already ($450):

spark plugs
valve cover gasket
haldex fluid, filter, tool
accessory pulley

Wheels and Tires / FS: 19" Work Schwert SC2 Wheels
« on: March 31, 2016, 07:58 PM »
Work Schwert SC2 Wheels 19x8", 5x100, +35
Tires: Corsa (Brand or ?? I don't think they'd be Pirelli's) 225/35 ZR19 88W XL

Tires have decent tread left - you can still see some of the nubs. Has a slight bit of stretch to them.

There are some minor curbage or scratches on the outer lip of a couple of the wheels.

Asking $1700 obo? All I can find is that the wheels were about $600 / ea new and this size tire would be about $230-$330 ea. So new was about $3600.

As per the title, does anyone have leads on some decent 17" 5x100 light weight wheels? Looking for 17x7.5 or 17x8, +30 to max of about +40 offset. +33-+35 ideal. Can't be above 40.

I've found one set of BBS RG's:

Budget is max about $1,300.

$400 obo Dun sold dem.

2x Falken Ziex ZE912 225/40 ZR18 92W
2x Michelin Pilot Preceda 225/40 ZR 18 92W

They were on my Forester when I brought it back from Japan. They're pretty sticky. Even have the nubs still on the Michelins.

Don't have a depth gauge, but they have a lot of tread left. I'd say they're almost new.

Wheels and Tires / SOLD!! Used Tires 215/45 r17 Advan Sport $50
« on: January 24, 2016, 03:24 PM »
Used these tires for this past autox season. All hold air. One pair worn down more than the other two. Some chunking, some sidewall wear.

Will fit gc8 / gf8 / sf5 subies easily.


Edit: Ah fak for the third time forgot to post contact details: Pm me, 204-899-2453 or dgravenor on gmail

Other for Sale/Wanted/Trade / Gone!!: Cabinets
« on: January 24, 2016, 03:06 PM »
I picked up these cabinets from a neighbour who is re-doing their kitchen. Turns out they just don't want to fit in my garage without a lot of work.

Give me an offer:

Edit: Probably should have some contact info: PM me here or 204-899-2453 or dgravenor on gmail

Pics below. Updated prices - need to buy new wheels and tires, so buy yourself some good stuff!

Pink Silicone Hose kit: $50

Whiteline rear sway bar mount kit: $110

Whiteline rear sway bar: $200

Whiteline front sway bar: $200

Subaru Brembo Hawk HP + brake pads $320 (unused)

RacingBrakes Front Big Brake kit $500!

So here's the stuff I have for sale:

Pink silicone hose kit $50

Whiteline Sway bars, rear sway bar mounts cost $800 usd ($1000 ish) this past spring. Used for about 8 autox events.

Whiteline Rear Sway bar - mount kit heavy duty 22mm KBR21-22 Whiteline 02-07 Subaru WRX (fitted my GF8 / GC8) bought for $119 USD Asking $110 CAD

Whiteline Rear Sway bar - 22mm heavy duty blade adjustable BSR33Z 02-03 Subaru WRX (fitted my GF8 / GC8) bought for $190 USD Asking $200 CAD

Whiteline Front Sway bar - 22mm heavy duty blade adjustable BSF12Z 02-07 Subaru WRX Wagon (fitted my GF8) bought for $190 USD Asking $200 CAD

Subaru Forged Lower Control Arms $200

Subaru aftermarket lock nuts $20

Hawk HP Plus brake pads for subaru brembos, front and rear, unused $320

RacingBrakes front big brake kit, $500

Front underbody brace, n/a subarus $50

1157 Dual Color Switchback White/Amber LED Turn Signals $20

Edit: Probably should have some contact info: PM me here or 204-899-2453 or dgravenor on gmail

Wheels and Tires / WTB: 5x100 to 5x114 adapters
« on: November 29, 2015, 04:09 PM »
As the title says, looking for a set of adapters, 5x100 to 5x114. Doing some leg work for a couple of potential buyers in finding some winter wheels and there's much more in 114. Looking for what's out there, but 1" would be best.

General Discussion / Shipping wheels to the USA - Help?
« on: November 16, 2015, 03:47 PM »
Here is the Department of Transportation form (HS-7) required for customs clearance into the US.  You will not have to complete the areas marked “Port or Entry, Customs Port Code, Entry Number, or  Entry Date” – Additionally, as this is only equipment you do not have to include information for a complete vehicle such as the VIN # or make/model of vehicle.
If the US recipient would like FedEx Trade Networks to clear the shipment, a  brokerage account with a customs bond will need to be activated.  Our office can assist him with the setup of an account and a bond (Power of Attorney is required for a bond setup).   Please have him contact me and I will go over the details with him.
URGENT: Please be advised, I can only hold your shipment for 2 attempts at getting the needed information by phone or email. If I do not receive the needed information for US Customs clearance, your shipment will be returned to the shipper.

So I sold my wheels to a guy in the states, and shipped it via FedEx. It’s held up at Buffalo, NY, and was wondering if anyone could give me some words of advice on how to deal with the situation.

To make matters slightly more complicated, he’s in the US Marines, and is on deployment for the winter.

Audio, Video & Electrical / Battery-Powered Lights
« on: November 02, 2015, 07:45 PM »
So, I'm wondering if you electrical gurus out there could help me out and point me in the right direction.

I'd like to have a system that acts like a car / trailer. Have a battery on the bike (or on the trailer) and be able to use over-the-counter parts to hook up some LED lights and some switches.

When the system is on, a set of rear-facing red LEDs blink and a set of front-facing LEDs blink. Also, via momentary switch two brake lights can come on, or by a normal switch a front-facing light can come on.

For the future I was thinking of also doing turn lights via a right and left momentary switch.

Farther in the future I was hoping to be able to plug into the battery pack and perhaps power a small electric blanket.

I think all these parts currently exist, just a matter of hooking them up into one installation.

You might have guessed, its for my bicycle and kid trailer. Want to be more safe than just the standard reflectors on the back of it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Off Topic / Counterfeit Seatbelts
« on: October 21, 2015, 11:15 AM »
We have chatted often about counterfeit items, but here's an article showing counterfeit seatbelts:

Cars for Sale/Wanted/Trade / Sold: 2000 Subaru Impreza WRX STI $11,000
« on: September 13, 2015, 09:29 AM »

Dano's STi by davidcouture48, on Flickr

How it currently sits as of Dec 8, 2015 (it stays in the garage - just outside for the pics):

2000 Subaru Impreza WRX STI Wagon (GF8) (JDM / RHD)


Silver Exterior, Black Interior with a couple red accents.

Manual Transmission (5-speed)


Phone: 204-899-2453

$13,250 as it sits

$11,000 with brembos, basic (I think Legacy GT) wheels and winter tires.
+$1,000 for current sway setup

Safetied this spring, still valid.

Power windows, locks, steering, ABS, Auto-climate control. Factory race-inspired seats and front strut bar. Rear seats fold down.

Engine is strong, no ticking, ~280-300hp.

Clean title, no accidents. I am the first Canadian owner.

No rust. I'm guessing as part of their strict inspections in Japan, cars or parts of them are repainted frequently. This is the third JDM I've owned that you can tell has had part of it repainted. The hood was repainted at one point, and not very well. It looks like they maybe didn't use enough silver or poor clear coat or something. Surface looks hazy. One of the only downsides to the car. Also on the left rear quarter panel it looks like someone in Japan also buffed it too much and part of the clear coat is cracking / off. I have paint and these two may be fixed by the time of sale.

Car came from Japan with Defi Oil Pressure, Water Temperature and Boost gauges, along with the master unit to control them. Installed and work great. Also installed in Japan was a Blitz Full Auto Turbo Timer.

Brembos have also been installed. These require adapters for the calipers and special e-brake shoes. Stainless lines are also used.

From Japan it also came with a full Fujitsubo 3" exhaust and a Blitz blow-off valve.

The Japanese headlights were replaced with the USDM equivalents as well as a daytime running light kit.

The timing belt and seals, and an oil change (full synthetic & K&N oil filter) was done at Jim Pattison Subaru at 98k, replaced with the Gates kit.

Available parts: I've also done my research and picked up a new exedy clutch, and have new hawk brake pads front and rear. I have the original JDM stereo should you wish to have it, and I've only installed a basic unit so I could listen to the radio. If you want to upgrade the front lower control arms, I have a set of JDM forged aluminum control arms as well. I also have a set of silicone hoses.

Here are some more pictures that @JDM-Davith did this spring when I just got the car.

Off Topic / Phone Carriers - Pros / Cons
« on: September 09, 2015, 10:04 AM »
Maybe I just want to rant, but Rogers really pissed me off this morning.

My girlfriend has been looking for a job for a while, and she finally got a call back for an interview. The thing is the voicemail that was left only arrived last night, but the call was actually from last week! Like WTF! how does that happen?

Same sort of thing happened to me yesterday as well. Sent a text to a friend asking if I should come over. Didn't hear back for like 30 mins. Put kid to sleep, came back to phone and it says he texted me back like 1 minute after I texted him, which wasn't the case.

Have others had similar issues with Rogers or MTS? I have 1 year left on my 2-year contract and am seriously considering switching.

General Discussion / Found in Japan
« on: August 15, 2015, 09:55 PM »
I often browse the car auctions or yahoo japan for used parts, and there's often things that are pretty nifty that I came across. I thought others might do the same thing, and it would be neat if you came across something special (that you aren't going to get) to share it with us. Here's a couple I came across:

1993 BMW 850i (E50)

1992 BMW Alpina B11

1996 BMW M3

1998 Rover Mini (1,000 km!!!)

1996 Rover MIni (12,000km!!!)

Would really like at least the tables gone asap. Willing to trade for help installing the rest of my gauges or ...? Contact me here is easiest.

Table 1 $40

Old kitchen table. Came with our house, and comes with 4 chairs that all need to be recovered.

Table 2 $40

I made a custom felt top for it for card games, etc. Attaches via velcro. Still uses the standard tabletop. No chairs.

Kitchenaid Stand Mixer $75

Bought used from eBay. Worked as needed until we bought a new one. Has two speeds and should be serviced so you can get all of them. This is the older style that are actually made by Hobart.

Burley Nomad Bicycle Cargo Trailer $350

Carries up to 100 lbs. Used about 6-8 times. Retails for $420. In great shape, just a little dirty.

Red Hella Supertone Grilles $10

Brand new. Bought some gold ones. You know what they look like.

So I've never installed braided stainless lines. I was reading that I should have a flair tool for the hard line?

I'm fine with using my existing lines for now, but if I could install the lines when I have to re-bleed the system again that would be ideal. Anyone able / want to help a guy out? I'm more than willing to return the favour.

Wheels and Tires / LF: 17 x (7-8) 5x114.3 forged wheels
« on: May 23, 2015, 05:02 PM »
Looking for a set of forged wheels 17" 7 to 8 inches wide. Stock is 16x6.5 +40, so I'd consider around +35-40. Preferably silver. Something like ce28n or the like. Feel free to shop it on here:

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