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there seems to be a few aristo running around winnipeg so I'll post this little mod for anyone that decides to remove the ARS system.

ARS (Active Rear Steering)
when the car slips the rear wheels turn on their own to try and straighten the car out. It's controlled electronically. the rear steering rack is connected to the ARS ECU.

when the ARS system is removed it is usually done by replacing the rear steering rack with a custom fabricated bar that doesn't move. Another option is to replace the rear subframe with one from the lexus GS which doesn't have ARS.

this is my steering rack and the stainless steel bar I had fabricated to replace it.

removing the ARS results in a few lights on the dash such as TRAC, VSC, ABS, ARS.
this mod tricks the ARS ECU into thinking the rear steering rack and ARS is still plugged in and working.
I found this mod by simgoy on

Parts required
2X 3k ohm 0.6 watt resistors (color band on resistors orange, black, black,brown, brown)
I used
PVC insulation tape

Tools required:
Soldering iron and solder
10mm socket or spanner

there are about 3 black fasteners to remove the left side trunk lining.
then remove 3 10mm bolts to take out the ARS ECU
these are the 3 holes where the bolts are holding the ecu in place.

the sticker says ARS on it so you can't grab the wrong one

this is the plug you will attach the resisters to

you need grey, blue, yellow wires. just protect the rest.

the rest of these pics will be from the guide on clubaristo. I forgot to take pics.

attach both resisters to the blue wire, one resister to the grey wire, one to the yellow wire.
plug it back into the ARS ECU.
I also covered the whole thing in tape.

on each of the side connectors there is 1 red wire with a yellow stripe.
cut it and protect the ends.

start the car and there should be no ARS, TRAC, VSC, ABS lights on the dash.
ARS is disabled and all the other driving aids are still working.

put everything back in reverse order and you're done.
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