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Not sure if this is the right place for this, but here goes:

I got into my car last week and the metal teeth that hold the end of my adidas belt onto the belt itself inexplicably grabbed on to my brand new leather seat and put a really good 3 scratches into it.  It broke through the top layer and now it looks like frayed scratches (like suede I guess).   I should have taken a pic of it and will add next time I get a chance.

I've tried leather conditioner and mink oil, both of which make the scratches almost disappear until it dries again.  Anyone have any idea how I can repair this? 

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    Leather scratches
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    Sounds like it's done to be honest. Leather conditioner won't be able to remove or fixes scratches. The conditioner moisten and help keeping it from cracking over time.

    The only way I think you can repair this is getting reupholster sadly. Unless other people have suggestions that less costly. 

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      Most body shops will have access to an interior repair person.

      From what I've seen repair quality can vary a lot.

      But call a trusted body shop and they should be able to help you out or send you in the right direction.

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        Leather scratches
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