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For ordering a car at the dealer wholesale auction:

Basically I am gonna ask you to send me your wish list on specific vehicle. I am completely open and will provide all receipts throughout the entire process.

1. Email me a request for the auction order form.

2. When we meet I will share with you what the average sale price of that type of vehicle at wholesale auction and we will determine the max bid you are comfortable in making on said vehicle. If you are comfortable with the condition set out in the contract I will require a deposit before moving on to the next step. If you require financing let me know I can get you a pre-approval. 

3. Once we start the contract I will contact you weekly/daily with cars that meet your scope, along with the auction condition reports and car proof/fax.

4. When you wish to bid on a car I've sent you let me know, the VIN, Stock #, etc. provided from the condition reports. Some cars are offered buy it now with pre arranged shipping.

5. I will contact you with the auction results.
             If we have won:
                      - You are required to pay the purchase price within 48hrs.
                      - I will set up shipping(if required)/pickup date.
             If we lost:
                      -we will just wait for the following week and start again.

6. Once arrived, together we inspect the vehicle and match it up to the condition report. If there is something missed I will go through arbitration with the Auction to get a portion of your money back.

7. Sending the vehicle for safety. The shop can be your choice or I can just send it to Canadian Tire they can get safeties done same day without appointments.
             If there is required work needed to be done you have 2 options:
              1. I can arrange work to be done or,
              2. You may do the work yourself to save money.

8. We complete the sales contract and the remainder of the fees are paid you can now take your vehicle home!
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