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Howdy-Doo Guys and Gals

Just wanted to tell you folks a little bit about what Eppic Industries is all about.

"At Eppic Industries, the goal is to change the communities view of mechanics cheating and stealing to get ahead, but rather to create lasting friendships with customers. By providing honest and integral service and creating a comfortable atmosphere where you feel in good hands and where trust develops into a friendship."

So far that has been doing really well for us.  We constantly have new customers coming in the door telling us about how they have been ripped off by so many places and they heard that we were honest and wouldn't try and sell them on something that isn't broken.  That is exactly our goal.  Ripping people off doesn't bring returning customers.  Honesty and Integrity is what creates a friendship and friends feel taken care of at Eppic Industries.

Cody Epp (Eppic) drives miata's mostly.  Although he has some other neat toys in his collection, he generally likes to stick to the top down rwd platform for the time being.  He is a red seal automotive tech who is the son of a red seal tech, which means he grew up around cars.  His first dirt bike came when he was 8 and it lasted 2 weeks because he was jumping it in the back yard and cracked the frame in half.  He was quickly upgraded to something made for jumping.  And so began his life as a mechanic.  He has been successfully employed as a mechanic for the last 10 years.  So successful that he had enough side work from returning customers to start his own business.  Cody has been part of Top Tier since the early days.  Just when things were starting out with just a few guys in a parking lot. 

Tyler Unger (unger08) recently joined the Eppic Industries team.  Tyler drives a 2005 Subaru WRX STI.  It's lightly modded but mostly stock.  Just enough power to be faster then the average joe.  Tyler is the type of guy who washes his car daily.  And that type of guy tell you one thing... He's a clean freak.  That translates directly into the work he produces.  Clean tidy jobs that will leave you with nothing to complain about.  Tyler has been a car enthusiast for years and has been a member of TTI for a long time as well. 

Turbo is the shop dog.  He is party husky part wolf.  A very kind and gentle dog.  A fun fact for you is that wolves cannot bark.  they communicate by pointing their tails.  So with Turbo being part wolf he is a very quite dog.  occasionally you can pull a grunt out of him if you spend 5 min playing with him and get him wound up.  Sometimes you may not even see turbo.  He's a nocturnal creature.  He sleeps all day in the office (usually) and around 10pm he gets up and galavants the prairies in the moon light. 

Eppic Industries is a Full Service auto repair business, but it's so much more then that!  Cody has adhd and that means he can't do one thing at a time.  He's got to do 3 things at one time for his brain to function the same as everyone else.  He can't stick to just one thing.  Because of this, we are happy to offer many different services because Cody wasn't satisfied with just knowing how to do mechanics.  We never stop learning new things at Eppic Industries. 
Services we offer:
Engine swaps
Performance Upgrades
Engine Diagnostics
Powder Coating
Custom LED Installs and Sales
Command Starts
Custom Welding/Metal Fabrication
Truck Modifications and Accessories
Rust Repair
Minor Body Work
And what we really enjoy doing is car restorations.  (that involves everything so Cody with his adhd is happy as a lark)

We expect to start hydro-dipping/water transfer printing summer of 2016

Our Shop rate is $60/hr

We are open from 8-5 Monday to Friday and Saturday mornings most of the time.  (Cody lives on site so other arrangements can be made if necessary)

Eppic Industries is located just outside of Steinbach, MB.  We consider ourselves to be a diamond in the rough.  Our shop looks sketchy, and we are located in the country but just talk to anyone that has done business with us.  They will give testament that we put out the quality and reliability we claim.  As we continue to expand and grow a new shop is in the plans for the near future but for the mean time we will use what we have and choose not to complain about it.  (nobody like a complainer)  We want to be liked.  We are happy to gain your business and more importantly a lasting friendship.

Our physical address is:
37092 rd 36 n (loewen blvd)
La Broquerie West, MB
R0A 0W1, Canada

Now that you know a little bit about us feel free to check out our Facebook page.  Give us a call.  Or shoot us an email.


We hope to develop a friendship with you in the future.  Thanks for checking us out.  :)

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    Hey there TOP TEIR
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