Author Topic: 1995 JDM Toyota MR2 GT Turbo Coupe. RWD, Mid engine, manual!  (Read 457 times)

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Hi there!

I  have this RHD JDM 1995 Toyota MR-2 Turbo in Calgary on the lot and ready to go! Itís a super fun summer car -- with a mid engine, RWD, Turbo, manualÖ itís a budget supercar. These will only go up in value as they become more rare & collectible. This unit pulls hard and comes in a rare dark green color. Come scoop it up!
*$350 discount to Forum members*
*Basic Warranty included*
*Shipping Across Canada available*  ($670 to Winnipeg )

Here's 2 videos of it ( walk around and start up ). Please excuse the poor sound / video quality.

1995 Toyota MR2 GT Turbo
-5 spd manual
-130xxx km
-All original
-3S-GTE Turbo engine!



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