Author Topic: Stereo Whine Chevy Cobalt - Grounding Issue?  (Read 190 times)

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My girlfriends 07 Cobalt SS w/pioneer factory sound system just got a new deck, Kenwood dpx792bh. The previous deck in it was an older touch screen JVC i believe, and there was no speaker whine what so ever with that one.

-So whats happening is that as soon as the speakers are powered by the deck (in any mode, FM/AUX/BT etc), there is a static hiss sound coming from the speakers. However, if the power is on by the deck is on standby mode, there is no hiss. If the deck is not in stand by and is at 0 volume, the hiss is there clear as day and rather loud. As you increase the volume, the volume of the hiss increases as well.

This is what I know:

-The factory sound system has a built in amp for the 6 speakers in there, and the remote power wire for that and the one for the subwoofer are sharing the output from the deck. We tried only running just the factory amp, and it still hissed without the subwoofer amp. Without the factory amp remote connected, of course none of the speakers worked at all. RCAs connected or disconnected made 0 difference, same for the antenna plug for FM radio.

-The car is equipped with a door chime module as well, the whole after market harness is part of that module.

-All the connections from the deck to the harness were checked and then redone to be sure that they werent the issue. The 12v constant for the deck is the one from the factory harness that is plug and play with the AFT/M one. However there is no wire for 12v IGN in the cobalt wiring, so we used a 14 gauge wire to the interior fuse panel and used a spare spot for power.

-The ground wire is also using the factory harness ground wire. Im wondering if its possible the factory harness isnt big enough gauge of wire to handle the Kenwood's requirement of power?

The only thing I can think to try tomorrow is to give the deck its own direct connection to 12V and ground, sans factory harness. That way there should be 0 chance of feedback noise from other circuits?

Beyond that im so freakin stumped its ridiculous. If anyone has any insight or ideas im all ears, cause this is driving us crazy  >:(

Deck wiring info:
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    Stereo Whine Chevy Cobalt - Grounding Issue?
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