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Well, just wrapped up our first show as Hydrographic Artists at Summer In The City.  We was asked to coordinate the "environment" around the breakdance/hip-hop street battle for Steinbach's summer festival.  I used be part of a professional breakdance crew years ago.  Now one of my buddies from that dance crew owns the dance company that hosts the dance contest.  So we work together to make THE BEST THING TO SEE AT THE FESTIVAL!!!  This year we are officially the biggest outdoor/street dance contest in the province. Thousands of people turn out for this and it's up to us here at Eppic to create that environment that people want to be in.  So... I stem from the automotive world as a trained red seal automotive technician, so naturally my bend is towards the automotive/powersports world, but had quiet a few conversations with people wanting to redo kitchens.  Lots of local business owners stopped in to check things out actually.  We got lots of calls later saying "hey, lets do business.  You do awesome work.  We want to get this in our stores!"  Things are about to get busy!  Here's some shots of what we had setup.  We were on one end of the festival.  So people were funneled through our "custom car showcase" and then were brought to the stage where the breakdance contest was going down.  $400 cash prize was well earned.  TV stations were there filming.  It was one busy day!  Lots of work, but lots of fun.  Can't wait till next year!

My dad thought it was important to demonstrate the tacobell toilet seat in effect....  We have lots of fun at work.  Smiles are what drives me.  (Also my weakness.  I just give stuff away cause I want to see a smile!)

We also got the new slingshot down there that we did some wheels on.

This is one of the toys one of my customers let us borrow for the weekend.  Wheels are dipped in lightning with glow in the dark.

Can't wait to see where things go from here. I only started doing this at christmas.

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    First Show = HUGE SUCCESS!
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