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Hello all TTI Members.

This year our starter pricing will be fixed rate (all features included for base price), the only thing will change pricing if standard transmissions and euro cars that need key wraps.

We sell Rremote Starter and Alarms
Pricing is as follows

Phone control only       $450 - allows starting of your vehicle with your cell phone and on select vehicles your oem remote.
1-way                         $475
2-way                         $550
Phone control + 1-way $550 - cell phone controlled with a 1 way companion w/ 3000ft range
1 mile Range 2wLCD    $650
3 mile Range 2wLCD    $800

All prices are fully installed plus tax

To make any starter an alarm, just add $100
If standard transmission +75 (special TTI Price)
Phone control has additional yearly fees for service.

PM Me, or @Ctown8 for more details and models.
(prefferably @Ctown8 )
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    2016/2017 Starter Pricing!
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