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I ordered a new cam follower for my MKV GTI, right before deciding to trade the car in. So I have a VW/Audi brand cam follower in the package, never used, that I would like to go to use. They are 42$ USD on ECS Tuning plus shipping (39$USD). I would part with it for a 24 of beer or bottle of Makers Mark:)

I live in the Yukon, but I am from Winnipeg, and will be returning there to spend Xmas with family. I am sure there is someone on TTI that needs this part periodically, as all MKV GTI owners have to change this annoying little part more often then we would like.....

Let me know if you want it. I will be back in Winnipeg around Dec 20 - Jan 4. Cheers!
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    FS/FT: Cam Follower (MKV GTI)
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