Author Topic: '01 SF Forester something wrong with my driveline... SOLVED  (Read 257 times)

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My 2001 forester MT is making a lot of squeaking/thumping noise from the underside, whether in gear or not. Thought a u-joint was the culprit but after taking out my driveshaft, it looks to be in good condition. I recorded a video of the sound, if anyone has any idea what this sound might be let me know. It appears to make more noise while in gear and off throttle. The sound increases in rate the faster I go and is not dependent on what gear I'm in. My clutch and shifting feels normal. At one point it made a high pitch screech/squeal that increased with vehicle speed, but the following time I went to drive it and ever since, it went back to making the sound you hear in the video. Seems to come from between the driver and passenger, though it's hard to pinpoint. Any help or suggestion or resource is super appreciated

edit: my buddy asked what sound? so to clarify, sounds like the ****ing wheel on the price is right  :'(

Problem solved! had to replace the transfer gears when the cir-clip came loose from the center differential (aka viscous coupler). Source replacement set from any 99+ subaru 2.5 MT (mine came from a 99 legacy GT, see for compatibility) and watch the Dutch garages video for an EXCELENT how-to

Also to stop this from happening again, either get an updated center diff 38913AA102 that has a c clip instead of a cir-clip, or weld the cir-clip (see this forum post
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