Author Topic: O'Neal 2017 Shorty II Dirt Bike Boots - Size 13  (Read 141 times)

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Just ordered these online, they arent really my thing...was a bad impulse purchase. They are going for $160CDN online plus shipping, which is about $50. These boots have fantastic reviews and would make a great boot for dirt bike/ATV and adventure rider.

Price: $150.

See more here: [/ftp]][ftp=] [/ftp]

O'NEAL produces motorcycle and cycle gear, parts, apparel and accessories that absolutely offer the best in comfort, quality and protection every time you ride. Security, quality and protection you can trust after nearly 40 years of racing.

Bonded sole.
Durable construction.
Fully adjustable two buckle closure system.
Tough sole with metal shank.
Injection-molded plastic shift plate and ankle protection.
Generous heel support and padding for added comfort.
Built-in heat shield.

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    O'Neal 2017 Shorty II Dirt Bike Boots - Size 13
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