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So I've decided to create a journal to document my journey with my Forester. I've got a lot to learn still about the Subaru world, but so far I'm loving this car.

Today I decided to do maintenance on her since it was time for an oil change.

She's completely stock which is what I was looking for since I wanted to start with a non-molested vehicle. Lol.

Noticed that there was an extra plug where my engine block heater cable was, so I decided to dig around a little bit and found a battery trickler tucked away in there. Sweet.

So after discovering that I had to let the engine cool a bit to do the oil change. So I decided to go ahead and check out the cabin filter since I noticed the air flow wasn't it's best when I ran the heat.

This is what I discovered...It was absolutely gross. No wonder the air flow wasn't very good, it was being hindered by all the dust and dead leaves. So, I went and grabbed an air filter from work that were designed for the 2005 imprezas. I had to do some custom work since the air filter was a little on the small side, but nothing a little patience and a dremel couldn't fix.

The air flow is much better now with the new filter.

Some other things I need to take care of once I have the funds are the interior door panels. Whoever the previous owner was must have had a big dog because the tops are just so badly damaged.

Anyone know if the panels from an Impreza fom the same year would fit?  I'm going to call around checking with the scrapyards to see if I can find any decent replacements.

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