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I've owned the car since April 2016, car was stock when I bought it. Selling my FR-S because I think it's time for something bigger, would like to maybe trade for an awd sedan, maybe SUV/Hatch or just sell it.
There are some paint chips on front and rear bumper from trucks at my old apartment not watching how they were parking so that's unfortunate.
When I bought the car it was inspected at Crown Toyota and I had the fluids changed (oil, coolant, transmission) before winter. Other than that I did most of the oil changes myself with synthetic regularly at 5k.
Car was stored in a garage for winter.

Please PM or email

YEAR, MAKE & MODEL: 2014 Scion FR-S Base
COLOR (EXT/INT): Whiteout
PRICE: $17500 OBO
IS THE VEHICLE SAFETIED: (expired April) Will safety for buyer

Tires are 225/45/17 Continental ExtremeContact DW

Car Mods:

-Gruppe-s Overpipe
-Gruppe-s Header
-Magnaflow Catback
-Perrrin foam drop in filter

I have the stock manifold if you want.

Thanks for viewing.

Interior pics coming son

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    Nice car!

    Great autocross car, quality tires, super competitive in C-Street with the stock manifold and cat or STX with the exhaust kept in.


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