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In the past, professional race teams have developed custom tensioner solutions to deal with excessive timing belt slack on B and H series Honda race motors. At high RPM, Honda timing belts will flap excessively, to the point where skipping one or more teeth on a cam gear is a definite possibility. This slight shift in cam gear positioning can cause just a simple loss in horsepower but the potential exists for major engine damage if it results in engine valves crashing into the pistons.

Protect your high revving Honda B or H series motor by installing a Vibrant Performance Timing Belt Tensioner. Vibrant Tensioners are CNC machined from T6061 Billet Aluminum, making them lightweight yet very durable. The pulleys feature a special coating to prevent premature wear and tear due to friction from the belt. Completely adjustable (both vertically and horizontally) and easy to install because they bolt up directly to the stock Honda block (requires the removal or relocation of the factory power steering pump).

Vibrant by Option Plus, on Flickr

Vibrant by Option Plus, on Flickr

Vibrant by Option Plus, on Flickr

- Designed and tested by the Vibrant/ETD Racing Factory Race Team for use in competition on our All-Motor Honda CRX drag car.

- Designed to reduce timing belt slack for more accurate valve timing, thereby improving power.

- The design allows for total adjustability, both vertical and horizontal

- Ideal for Honda race engines that use heavy duty valve springs as it helps minimize the risk of cam gear skipping.

- Easy to Install. Bolts directly to Honda B-series block. Requires removal or relocation of the factory Power Steering Pump.

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