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Finest materials.
  Seibon uses only the highest-grade carbon fiber raw material in all its products. The
 same materials used in aviation, battleships, satellites, and rockets.

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  Seibonís production team has over 15 years of experience, and their skills show in the details. Every component is constructed using a one-piece carbon sheet for a consistent weave pattern. Our production processes allow exceptional carbon/resin ratio, creating high product stiffness that also leads to extra strength. For a stunning finish, our products are coated with a glossy clear coat that does not chip or flake.   

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Cutting-edge technology and commitment to R&D.

Seibon offers traditional hand-lay method of production as well as vacuum infusion and proprietary dry carbon production techniques that incorporate the use of pre-impregnated materials. 

Strong and durable.

  Seibonís production formula allows for exceptional carbon/resin ratios, leading to high stiffness and extra product strength. 

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Commitment to quality.

 Seibon stands firmly behind its products. We offer both fitment guarantee and clear coat guarantee, so that customers have peace of mind when purchasing a genuine Seibon product. 

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Smooth weave.

  One-piece carbon sheet construction for consistent weave pattern. 

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Shiny clear coat.

  No clear coat chips or flakes, and special mix of high-tech resin yields excellent transparency. 

Weight reduction. 
When compared to original stock panels, dry carbon offers up to 70% in weight savings and standard carbon fiber offers up to 50%. 

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