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What's goin' on everyone?!

Anyway, I figured I could start documenting the progress of my vehicle [if any] so that I know there will be records somewhere for me to refer to and go, "Yeah, I did that" - Mainly because I'm not all hardcore about taking photos and whatnot, and just like to get the stuff done, if able to.

Chapter 1: How it started (It gets Cheesy)

It kind of all started when I would catch my dad watching Nascar or any other kind of auto-sport on TV every Sunday evenings, sometimes during the day. I used to watch with him and cheer on the fastest left-turning vehicle (LOL). Since then, I knew exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up. A Firefighter. Actually I wanted to become a professional driver or something of the sort.

Since then, I began buying model cars and assembling them, of course, climbing up the skill level ladder, I would assemble the cars and not have it painted, I was too cheap and just wanted to play with it right away. That didn't last long, as I soon found my newest addiction being Anime/JDramas/comedy all that can stop laughing btw. :(

Chapter 2: The discovery of Drifting[I'm totally gonna get bagged for this one]

During my HARDCOARINTENSE Anime phase, I came across... Initial D. You'll probably bag me saying I'm an AE86 FANBOI LUL - I'll admit it, I totally was. But what am I supposed to do? I honestly didn't know a thing about drifting until I came across it howevermanyyearsago.

Subchapter- The progressive addiction

Little by little, I would research everything about it. The kinds of cars that could do it, the things people have done to make it possible on cars that couldn't, the gratuitous amounts of money that are dished out that cost more than the home I live in, etc etc...

Eventually I found myself watching drifting videos 4 or 5 times a day... - let's skip to what this journal's really about.


So, I eventually got my license and I was unsure how to proceed from there. I found many part-time jobs and tried to save enough to buy my first set of wheels. 8) Didn't happen. I eventually bet my mom that I could pass my intermediate testing in one try, and pass with good grades[school-wise], so she would buy me a car :D. I found a beat-up 1990 240sx that I came to love the look of, and for 600 dollars and a lot of elbow grease, how can you say it's bad?! It ran, it drove, it was saftied! I'll have to scavenge around.. I don't believe I have any pics of this primed up bastard, I apologize.

I eventually lost ownership to the vehicle which made me sad to see her go, but I knew she was going in good hands.

2 years passed, and I was still deciding what kind of car to get, but I was still heavily interested in drifting, and wanting to do it. By this time, I was fully employed, so I looked at my options.

Off the bat, I wanted to fly out and grab a near-mint 180SX from Vancouver, but I also realized I probably wouldn't want to attempt drifting in that car... I would baby it over anything, considering it'd be my first daily driven vehicle, so I scrapped the idea. I looked endlessly on Kijiji for another cheap 240, to no avail. I don't know.. something about the S-chassis really pulls me in. Looks great for being a little... "mature", and they're not that hard to work on, just tedious.

Next car I looked at was an MR2. Studied it quite plenty, and I thought it might be a good vehicle to start off with...(with drifting anyway) - negative. So I kept bouncing back between all the different kinds of S-chassis available to me.

Found a '95 240sx! Looks clean.. auto is always clean, nobody likes auto. On a whim I drove to the location she sat at, and made my first payment. She looked so much better in person.

[[10:36, I've gotta get ready for work. I'll leave this here with the attached picture so I will come back to keep the story goin', along with her progress and pictures. For now.. I think this is a great start. :D]]

UPDATE : it's been forever since I updated this. I'm just going to outright skip on everything and start spamming pics of the swap. and to answer your question.. my dream car is the car I've worked on to make myself feel like I deserve it, my beautiful USDM S14!

here we go!

Me and my dad. He was helping me do the very first repair job on it; replacing flex pipe. Biggest hole and loudest sound ever. I could really feel the truck origin it was stated to come from... but it had to be silenced! Completely removed exhaust, cut and welded to the mid-pipe, and just somehow smushed together at the flange well enough to keep it sealed. It works, it's all bolted up fine and dandy! (:

While driving my car one day.. it wouldn't stay alive. A simple 2 second check with my battery monitor showed that the charging system failed. Opened the hood, and I smelled this nasty tinge of metal and plastic. The alternator fried ): - this thing took me a week to rebuild and put together. Notice that coating over the coils? Same stuff they throw on botique alts you'd find on classic cars that were rebuilt from the 70's!

Here I was thinking I could fix the screwed up rails in my door. NOPE! Scored a couple well-used S14 doors, and threw one on the driver side. I rolled for a while with it not being able to open my driver door because the key cylinders were different. Man those were the days, people thought my car was RHD, and then i unlocked the driver door and walked to the other side.. bahaha! I opted to post a how-to for switching key cylinders but when I took the handles apart on both doors... the cylinder cases were different and wouldn't go into the other said handle.. so at this point I just changed the handle altogether. Boy was it a PITA. Pics to the handle swap follows:

Woot! I don't have to go to the other side anymore!

Unfortumately I got lazy and didn't take all the snaps, nor did I post the next few pics in order. I did the transmission swap before I swapped the handles.

For now, I'll cut this here. Have to keep my energy for the shop tomorrow, and I have to get the swap pics from my other phone when I get the chance... for now, there's my some-what update!
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    My dream car!
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    Originally posted by Slideways
    Next car I looked at was an MR2. Studied it quite plenty, and I thought it might be a good vehicle to start off with...(with drifting anyway)


    That is all.

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      So what's your dream car?
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        My dream car!
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