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This is a FAQ thread to answer the question that I am sure you are asking yourself "What is Winnipeg HID?".

Q: Why does Winnipeg HID exist?

A: Our mission is to upgrade the overall performance of headlights with an HID system in a manner that is neither dangerous nor unsafe to other drivers on the road utilizing the newest in projector retrofitting technology and products.
We are dedicated to providing our customers with more confidence while driving on the highway at night, but our ultimate goal is to effectively reduce the risk of collisions and deaths due to visibility issues at night. Saving lives one lumen at a time!

Q: What services does Winnipeg HID offer?

A: The services I offer are listed below:
  • Custom HID Projector Retrofitting
  • Custom Painted Inner Headlight Housings
  • Plug-n-Play HID Conversion Kit Installations
  • LED Bulb Conversions
  • Complete Headlight Restoration

I can basically handle any work involved with headlights and the wiring. If you need me to take a look at anything please contact me.

If you have any questions regarding the above services or would like to get something done to your vehicle please PM me or email me at for more info.

Q: What products does Winnipeg HID sell?

A: Winnipeg HID offers a wide range of HID and LED products for all makes and models. Right now I am working on a website ( to show case all of my products I have for sale and soon you will be able to purchase the products online and pick them up for free or have me drop them off to you for a small fee.

I am an exclusize authorized distributor for The Retrofit Source and I can get great deals for my customers on any of the products on their website ( Contact me if you're looking to get anything from The Retrofit Source!

Here is a small list of some of the products that I have available for purchase:
  • Plug-n-Play HID Kits (All makes and models)
  • HID Wiring Harnesses
  • HID Kit Accessories (ie capacitors, resistors, adapters etc...)
  • HID Replacement Bulbs
  • HID Replacement 35W and 55W Ballasts
  • LED Interior and Exterior Conversion Bulbs
  • Any products from

Please PM me or email me at for product purchase requests.

Q: Who does the installs at Winnipeg HID and what experience does he/she have?

A: I (Tom Groth) complete all the installs for Winnipeg HID myself. I have completed literally hundreds of HID installations and have custom built a lot of headlights for my customers. I have been involved with HIDs for almost 5 years now and have been installing HIDs for over 3 years full time. I have completed the electrical course at Red River College with a 4.4 GPA (Instead of becoming an electrician I chose this :P). I have a ton of experience with HID and LED conversions and know a lot about almost all headlight systems for all makes and models. I always strive to do a clean, proper and professional installation for all my customers vehicles.

Q: Where is Winnipeg HID?

A: Winnipeg HID is located at my home location for now until I open a shop here in Winnipeg. The garage where I do all the installs for Winnipeg HID is fully equipped to handle any job. The address is 184 Clyde Road and is available by appointment only.

Please contact to book an appointment at the shop.

Q: When is Winnipeg HID open? Hours?

A: Hours are by appointment only. I can book appointments any day of the week (excluding Sunday) from 9am-9pm.

Q: How do I make appointments to have my car worked on by Winnpeg HID?

A: You can book an appointment with me (Tom Groth), contact me through calling, texting, emailing or PM me on Top Tier Imports. Contact info below.

TTI PM: WinnipegHID
Phone: 204-930-9535

Q: How can I pay?

A: You can pay for products or services using cash, cheque, debit or credit card. I also accept direct bank transfers if you'd like to pay that way.

Q: Does Winnipeg HID have a website?

A: Currently no, but I am working on getting a site up and running for Winnipeg HID ( The website will feature a store where you can go purchase products, DIY installation guides, a gallery of installs, information about all of the products and you will be able to set up appointments online by filling out a form and much more!

The website launch has been pushed back until further notice. This Summer was crazy with all the installations and expanding that I experienced. Working by myself makes for a very slow expansion rate but I am working everyday to build Winnipeg HID as a reputable business in Winnipeg. Stay tuned for the launch of Winnipeg!

Q: Are there any Winnipeg HID social media accounts I can follow?

A: Yes! Winnipeg HID has accounts on Facebook (/winnipeghid), Twitter (@winnipeghid) and Instagram (@winnipeghid). I often post pictures of installs I have done for customers as well as promotional giveaways!

Thank you for reading everything about Winnipeg HID, if you have any more questions please reply below with your question!
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    What is Winnipeg HID?
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    @ Dan, this looks to be a solution for you.
    Too much to list. Check out my build thread

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        What is Winnipeg HID?
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