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Got this link from Bravon. Pretty good information.
Link to the original site:

There are written and unwritten rules at car shows and car meets. In order to become the worst car show attendee ever, one must simply break one or more of those unwritten laws. The first one being common sense. The lack of which can easily help you break all of rules with ease.

Summer is coming and if youíre a car person, chances are, youíll be attending a car show this yearÖmaybe even a few car shows. You might perhaps be attending a couple of car meets as well. While most people who attend car shows are kind and considerate, a small percentage are not. They will do things that annoy or insult car owners, belittle their hard work, or even damage their vehicles.

Seriously Ė donít touch the show cars.

Then you have car meets. Very similar to car shows, but much less formal. At car meets, the attendee is also the exhibitor. For these, the same principles apply. However, car meets do attract other problems weíll mention shortly.

The trouble is, most of us have said or done something that qualifies. Without even trying, Iíve been a rude car show attendee, and Iím sure you have too. Donít believe it? Read thru the list below.

Donít Touch the Cars!
Just donít do it! Donít lean on it, donít reach out and put your hands on it, donít accidentally brush it with your coat or bag as you walk by, donít back into it while youíre trying to take a photo of another carÖjust donít do it. Oh, and mind the hanging zippers on an open jacket. Those are often the worst culprits of scratched cars at car shows.

Seriously Ė donít touch the show cars.

Mind Your Children
Bringing a kid to a car show is wonderful thing, but your kids are your responsibility. They shouldnít ever touch cars, throw toys that hit cars, sit in cars, sneeze on cars, stick their heads into cars and drip snot on the seats, etc.

I know Ė your kids are adorable. Your kids are harmless. Your kids mean well. Thatís great. Just make sure that you keep them under control. No one should have to make special allowances for you or your family, right?

Donít Talk Trash
You just spotted a terrible show car. Itís sloppy. Itís ugly. Itís not even clean. You roll your eyes, make snide comments, chuckle, tell your buddy whatís wrong with it, and move on.

Hereís the thing: someone in the world loves that car like a member of the family. They donít see the problems, the dirt, or the fact that itís downright hideous. They see a beautiful machine worthy of endless attentionÖand they donít need your disrespect.

Whatís more, unlike you, they made a big effort to come to the show, paid the entry fees, and subjected themselves to an ungrateful public. They donít deserve to hear trash talkÖso if you canít say anything nice, just donít say anything.

Know-It-Alls Stay Home
If you know a lot about cars, you might be tempted to strike up a conversation with a vehicle owner and share your opinions about their car. You might have some great ideas on how to ďfixĒ something, about where to buy a new whatever, how to really make something shineÖand thatís great. Keep all these ideas to yourself. Itís bad form to try and educate a carís owner about their personal vehicle.

Itís also bad form to share history lessons. Even if you owned a car just like this one back in 19-whatever, that doesnít give you permission to talk about all the inane details of the option list from that year, or explain how something works, etc.

Now having said this, a lot of car owners actually want to talk about what theyíre going to do next, how theyíre going to do it, way back when, etc. If youíre having a good conversation and it comes up, great. But if they arenít asking for advice or a history lesson, donít give it!

Watch for the Lenses!
Tough to shoot photos when there is always someone in the way
There are always automotive photographers at cars shows. Some are there for fun and some depend on it for a living. Regardless, donít just ignore the photographers. Be polite and look around often and check that you arenít messing up someoneís shot. Just as importantly, donít walk into someone elseís shot. Unless it a group of friends shooting with iPhones, nobody likes a photo bomber Ė specially the pro photographers.

And on to Car Meets
There are many problems that are inherently associated with open car meets that shows tend to not have. In the end, these problems boil down to common sense. The problems are mostly caused by two types of people: 1. Those that lack common sense and 2. Those that simply donít care.

You can end doing much harm by doing something stupid. If you break the law at a car meet, you put the entire meet in jeopardy. Revving at the meet, doing burnouts and arriving or leaving by making a racket and at speed is NOT GOOD. Itís uncool and stupid. Plus, car meets are just as much about friends as they are about cars. Youíre not going to be very well liked.

To Conclude
If you want to be the worst car show attendee ever, break the rules and do everything this list tells you not to do. In which case, congrats, youíre not going to make very many friends.

Enjoy the Season
If youíve finished this article, congratulations. Youíve been apprised of your responsibilities and reviewed all the rules. You know what to do and what not to do. Youíve been ďchecked outĒ and youíre clear for take-off. You can now officially enjoy the coming car show season.
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