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Any reviews on this place? It got quite the good review from Willy's Garage in the Free Press a couple years ago. I want to get my truck painted finally but want it done properly and complete.
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    Auto Resurrection?
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    This was several years ago, but I used to sell them paint and body supplies at my old job.

    One of my favorite accounts to work with, always had beautiful cars, and the quality of supplies they ordered (never EVER got the cheap stuff) lends me to believe in the quality of work performed. I saw a lot of vehicles they worked on start to finish turn out really well.

    If they're as good as they used to be, I'd highly recommend them. 
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      I worked for another guy in the same building as Ralph (shared the work space and paint booth) about 8 years ago now, he did nice work back then...

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        Ralph has painted two cars that have been on display at the 2014 and 2013 SEMA shows. He also painted our Formula car (PBR15) this year free of charge as a sponsorship sort of deal. His time estimates were spot on, and he even delayed the pickup of our car one day because he saw some runs in the paint in certain light that he wanted to sand down and re-spray before he handed it back to us. If this is how he treats something he isn't making any money off of, his paying jobs must all be phenomenal.

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          Auto Resurrection?
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