Brennen’s Supercharged 2003 Acura RSX-S


Brennen’s RSX has always been an eye grabber at Saskatchewan meets and shows. The first time I personally laid eyes on this car was a few years ago at the Access Communications annual car show. Friends of mine insisted I go check out “another four cylinder, front wheel drive and supercharged” build. I couldn’t help admire the car then and after many talks with Brennen this past year and getting to learn about himself and his build I couldn’t help but admire this car more.

With regards to social media, Brennen is a fairly quiet guy. He lets his car do the talking at events and is a very humble enthusiast to chat with outside of his own build. He shares a large knowledge of cars outside of the Honda brand.

The car was originally purchased in 2003 brand new off of the lot at Regina Acura by a stranger-to-be friend of Brennen’s, Tyler . In 2007 Brennen purchased the car and began work on his project. Alongside him was the original owner of the car to lend him a helping hand.

The flawless auto body work to fit and paint the exterior pieces was completed by Rob at Thunder Creek Autobody. Brennen took the route of having the Mugen carbon fiber hood painted to match the OEM blue and also the Mugen rear spoiler to match. He left the sides of the spoiler unpainted to add a hint of carbon to this piece.

Brennen 3 TTI

Brennen’s build is every Mugen fan’s dream. I chuckled at the fact that for this shoot he chose to mount his Mugen GP’s in Arctic Pearl Blue and left his Mugen MF-10’s at home (the love-hate relationship of his wheels is never ending from people that know his car but I prefer the look of the GP’s and was thrilled he chose those).

Brennen 1 TTI

Brennen 2 TTI

Aside from the exterior being well put together, the heart of this car has been fitted with some tasteful power adders.
Let’s start with the Jackson Racing JR62 supercharger with a Merc Racing 2.85″ pulley. This head unit is pushing a modest 11 PSI through the K20. The supercharger whine is a musical tone that flows through a CRSX header and is finished out of the tailpipe of the HKS Turbo exhaust.

Brennen 10 TTI

Brennen 8 TTI

Looking under the hood the first thing you see is the supercharger itself with the Merc Racing belt tensioner attached. On top sits a somewhat beefy looking Skunk2 fuel rail. The Mugen intake tucks itself in nicely and the engine bay is accented with the Mugen carbon fiber spark plug cover.

Brennen 9 TTI

The car was dynographed and tuned by Tim King in Wisconsin and produced 289whp for that particular elevation and has had some revisions to the tune since. Actual dyno numbers aren’t known for Saskatchewan sea level, barometric pressure etc. But after taking a hard run in this car the top end honestly feels much stronger than the numbers noted.

Brennen 5 TTI

In a car scene saturated with “stance” you may have noticed that this car doesn’t have any. Brennen gave the car a subtle and functional lowering on Buddy Club N+ coilovers. The ride height serves purpose not only on the rickety streets of Moose Jaw but for the drag strip. Before we set off on our day-trip shoot I was jealous of the stack of slicks that were placed next to his second set of wheels.

Overall this is undeniably a very, very well put together RSX. I’m enthused to showcase Brennen’s car and hope everyone reading can admire his build as a whole.

Brennen 4 TTI

This railway shot caused us some grief; locals driving through had lots to say about having a car parked on the tracks. This was probably the funniest experience I’ve had yet while shooting. Brennen assured me that this specific track is pretty  much dormant but passer-by’s didn’t seem to like the idea one bit.

Brennen 6 TTI

Brennen 11 TTI

Brennen 12 TTI

Brennen 13 TTI

Brennen 14 TTI

Brennen 15 TTI

Brennen’s full list of modification is as follows:


  • K20A2
  • Jackson Racing JR62 supercharger
  • Merc Racing 2.85” pulley
  • Merc Racing after-cooler
  • Merc Racing belt tensioner
  • CRSX race header
  • Mugen intake
  • Mugen spark plug cover
  • Mugen oil cap
  • Mugen radiator cap
  • HKS Turbo exhaust
  • Hasport engine mounts
  • Fuel InjectionClinic 750cc injectors
  • Skunk 2 70mm throttle body
  • Skunk 2 fuel rail
  • Skunk 2 thermal throttle body gasket
  • Hondata K-Pro tuned
  • Hondata intake manifold gasket
  • K Tuned oil dip stick
  • Integra Type R red top valve cover
  • Synchro tech carbon synchros
  • Quaife limited slip differential
  • K Tuned billet shifter
  • K Tuned pro shifter cables
  • Walbro 255lph fuel pump
  • Insain axles


  • Buddy club N+ coilovers
  • Energy suspension bushing kit
  • Mugen front strut bar
  •  Mugen rear strut bar
  •  Beaks lower tie bar
  •  Progress tie bar & sway bar
  • Function 7 control arms


  • StopTech brake pads
  • StopTech sloted rotors
  • Goodridge braided stainless steel lines
  • Spoon Sports calipers

Wheels and tires:

  • Mugen mirror face MF-10 17”x 7” +48
  • Advan Yokohama AD-08 225/45
  • Mugen GP Arctic Pearl Blue 18”x 7.5”
  • Yokohama Parade Spec 2 225/40


  • Mugen front bumper
  • Mugen carbon fiber hood
  • Mugen side skirts
  • Mugen rear spoiler
  • J’s front fenders
  • J’s carbon fiber canards
  • Spoon Sports carbon fiber mirrors
  • Side markers
  • Type R rear lip
  • Type R headlights
  • Mugen emblem
  • Rear wiper delete


  • Mugen steering wheel
  • Mugen hub
  • Mugen pedals
  • Mugen carbon fiber shift knob
  • Mugen mirror cover
  • Type R blue Recaro seats
  • Custom blue stitched shift boot
  • Takata harness

I believe that a special mention should go out to Brennen’s wife Kerri – as I’ve learned she has always supported Brennen throughout his build. In fact, she even jumped into the car with him on a Thursday night to drive 17 hours straight to Wisconsin to get the car tuned the following day.

That’s it for me for this year. A huge thank you goes to Brennen for allowing me the time to shoot your car.

I’ll see you all next year,




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