Garett Hilts’ R32 Skyline GT-R


When I was thinking about which car to feature first coming out of Saskatchewan, it was tough. There are a lot of builds that happen here that light never shines upon and may never be exposed to the online world.

For most people in the car scene when someone mentions the word “import” most gear heads think of one car. The Nissan Skyline. These cars are widely known for their reputation as being one of the highest ranked performance imports for the past few decades.

Garett Badge TTI

It turns out that Garett Hilts has put together one heck of a build with his 1991 R32 GTR. The exterior is simple and clean cut. The work put into the car is almost hidden with the subtle carbon fiber aero, the modest/functional ride height and the hidden goods that lay beneath the hood.

When I first met Garett and his R32 at a local meet I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he had fitted the RB26DETT with a single Precision 6262 T4 turbo. I was also surprised again after learning that he had pieced together the inter-cooler piping and downpipe by himself. The more that I looked at his car and talked to him the more I liked it.

For a younger guy Garett is fairly humble about his car. You can tell he knows what he has and he’s having fun enjoying the finished product. He has a very competitive spirit and humor (that should be taken lightly) when it’s time to talk cars.

When we started shooting the rolling shots the first attempt didn’t work well. Admittedly I had picked a time too close to sundown and the shots did not end up being as quality as I had hoped for. After nervously bearing the news that we would have to re-do the shoot Garett was up for another round with no hesitation or complaints – just enthusiasm. That spoke to me of what kind of a guy he is and I’m proud to display his vehicle. It is not the most “heavily modified” R32 Skyline out there but in short words “less is more”.

Take a look and I hope you all enjoy.

Garett Front Driver 1 TTI

Garett Front Driver 2 TTI

Garett Rear 1 TTI

Garett Rear 2 TTI

Garett Rear 3 TTI

Garett Engine Bay 2 TTI

Garett Engine Bay TTI

Garett RB26 Sharp TTI

Garett RB26 Blurry TTI

Garett Valve Cover TTI

Garett Exhaust and Diffuser TTI

Garett Exhaust and Wheel TTI

Garett Interior 1 TTI

Garett Interior 2 TTI

Garett Wheel Rear TTI

Garett Rear Roller

Garett Roller 3 TTI

Garett Victoria Roller

The complete list of modifications is as follows:


-Competition clutch

-HEL braided clutch line

-Nismo transmission mount

-Redline Shockproof oil


-HSD Monopro coilovers

-Full HICAS & line delete


-Work Emotion XD9 18×10 +18 Nankang NS-2 Radials 265/35/18 (with rolled fenders) on all four corners

-TS Style 2 carbon fiber rear diffuser

-N1 Carbon Spats

-ABFlug Carbon fiber front lip

-Rear wiper delete

-Xenon Headlights


-Grip Royal wood steering wheel

-Boss Hub adapter

-AEM boost & AFR gauges

-Rep Bride Glitterback VIOS 3 seats & genuine Bride rails

-Genuine Nismo shift knob

-Italian Leather shiftboot & E-Brake boot


-Injector Dynamics 1000cc injectors

-Drilled fuel rail

-Nismo Highflow fuel pump (hard wired)

-Aeromotive adjustable FPR braided fuel lines

-Power FC D-Jetro

-Garage Defend carbon fiber cooling panel

-Power steering relocation

-LS6 Coilpack/Custom wiring harness/mounting bracket

-Hydrodipped valve/timing covers

-6boost T4 twin scroll manifold

-Tial MVR 44mm wastegate/ external dump

-Precision Turbo 6262 T4 twinscroll .84AR

-Braided oil lines/water line reroute

-HKS velocity stack

-Treadstone heat shield

-Baffled catch can

-Custom (self made) downpipe/inter-cooler piping

-Tomei Extreme Titanium Exhaust

-Nismo Engine Mounts

A special thanks to Garett for putting up with my “self talking banter” while shooting and for coming out after long days at school and early in the morning on his weekend. A small mention should be made to Steve for driving for the rolling shots on such short notice. He had cooked his bike on the way to meet up before the sun went down so credit is due to the man!


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